Another Attempt at Ten on the Tenth

Welcome to Friday.  I hope it has been a good week for you.  I’ve had quite a few visitors to the blog the last couple of days….and I have not yet had the time to comment and/or to visit your blogs.  I apologize for that.  I’m hoping to have some time at the computer later today and this weekend.  But I do appreciate everyone stopping by and leaving comments.  It is almost time for Ten on the Tenth.  Ten questions on (or near) the tenth day of each month.  In what is apparently becoming a trend for me, I simply cannot think of answers for the questions this month.  I’ve no idea why this is challenging for me but I think these Ten on the Tenth may simply become “Two or Three on the Tenth” for me.  Granted, not nearly as catchy but it is what it is:)   Here’s what I’ve got for this month.

1 – Your favorite nine letter word.  I love words so I had to include this one!  Facetious (Not really a favorite. I just like that it has so many vowels.  That’s all.)  Gratitude. Blessings. Hyperbole (Just another fun word). And, Ephesians (my favorite book of the Bible).

2 – A celebration that takes place in September.  The original question actually asks for a famous celebration but I’ve got nothing there; however, we celebrate two birthdays and our anniversary in September.  We’re not exactly famous for it but we do enjoy September for all the family time, good memories and cake.  Of course, the cake!

3 – Your pet peeve with September or fall.  My biggest “problem” with fall is knowing that it brings winter.  Silly but true.  But I suppose my real “pet peeve” this time of year would be the aggravation I mentioned here (and won’t rehearse again. You’re welcome.)

4 – Your favorite September memory.  At the risk of sounding too predictable or even cheesy, I would have to say the day I became a mom for the first time.  It was a beautiful autumn morning and not time for me to deliver; however I was headed to the doctor for an appointment.  I had been on bedrest for weeks and it felt great to be up, dressed and out of the house.  I remember we stopped to take pictures (not with our phones!) just because it was such a gorgeous day.  We had planned to eat out after my appointment just to prolong my being “up and about.”  But….my water broke in the doctor’s office and, well, the rest is history.  Later that evening, I was, officially, a momma.  We didn’t see that coming but the pictures we took earlier that day always remind us just how happy we were that morning…..we just had no idea:)   Our wedding day was also a picture perfect autumn day.  Although we’ve gotten off to a rocky (er, hot!) start this year, September weather in Virginia is typically like that.  Just the best.  And our wedding was one of September’s finest! Often, when we are enjoying an endless blue sky and gorgeous temperature kind of day, we refer to it as “a wedding day” kind of day!  Thankfully, our wedding was outside.  Perfection!:)

So, I managed to get four answers but that first one was really just for fun.  I do look forward to reading other’s favorite September memory.  Share something you love about September in the comments.  Here’s to a beautiful weekend ahead!

14 thoughts on “Another Attempt at Ten on the Tenth

  1. Aww, that was fun to read. Love your September birth story and your wedding story, too. You were brave to get married outside. I would have waaaay to stressed about the weather. It ended up raining on our wedding day so I’m extra glad we opted for an inside wedding. You must be excited about your upcoming celebrations. I hope that they (and the cakes!) are good ones. Have a great weekend!

  2. I really like this idea. I have to agree, my least favorite thing about autumn is that winter follows. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for again stopping by my blog.

  3. Great post and I enjoyed your answers. Loved hearing about you becoming a mama, what a great story! Your wedding day sounds perfect and beautiful!

  4. My favorite memory was my son’s September birth too! It sounds like September is a delicious month in your house.

  5. My least favorite thing about September is that it often brings hurricanes to our area. The tropics have been kind of quiet this year, so still holding out hope for a calm Fall.

    I have several things that I like about September…I met my husband in Sept. 1988 (in a hurricane!), my first grandchild was born, and it’s my DIL’s birthday month too. So lots to celebrate in one month 🙂

  6. My biggest pet peeve with September, well, all of fall actually, is the leaves. We used to have a place that was covered with trees and we could never keep up with the raking. Our current place is nothing but pine trees, so no leaves at all!

    1. Oh my, I rather overlooked the whole issue of fall leaves! But, yes, that time is coming. Not the fun part of autumn!

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