Are you Pinning???

Honestly, just a short post today….. Happy Monday!! and another quick question (thanks for all the feed back on Friday – apparently I’m actually in the majority with blogs unread by the Hubbies!  Who knew??)  So, for today, I would really love to know… What is this whole Pinterest craze??  and do you “pin”??  and that’s about all I know.  I really don’t understand how it works.  If I were to start making boards(??)…can everyone else see my boards?  Just curious.  And I suppose you need an invitation to start??  Don’t totally get that but, then again, I’m a bit in the dark with the whole thing. The one thing I do know – I really enjoying looking at other’s boards – HA!  Especially the decorating ideas and party ideas.  There are so many cute ideas and talented people out there!! So – please tell me what you think!  Love your thoughts:)

13 thoughts on “Are you Pinning???

  1. I loved catching up on your blog today. I had a good laugh at those things you and your husband don't do. I'm not doing some of those either, but I do wear boots. Haha.

    I'm supposed to be working on the book but took a blog reading break for a min. Would love to share my love of punterest but don't have time. I did write a post about it explaining it as best as I could. Maybe that will help. It is a really fun time-waster. 😉

    For the record, my man doesn't read my blog all of the time. I have my posts emailed to him and rarely ask if he has read it. It saves my feelings, haha.

    Blessings to you…

  2. Jennifer,
    I've heard about Pinterest, but that's all I know. I really haven't had time to look into it. Sorry…wish I could be of more help.

  3. I confess ~ I'm Pinning and I love it! It is so addicting (to me). I find so many ideas and recipes, but surely will not have the time to do them all. I'm new to it too, but jump right in ~ you'll figure it out! Yes, you need an invitation from a fellow pinner to start right away or if you request an invite from the site it will take a couple of days. That's what I did. I don't know how to give out invitations or how many we can give but I will send you one if you would like! Let me know ~ my email is on my profile page.:~P
    See you on Pinterest!

  4. Yes, I pin!!! And I love it. It's a great place to "put" something that I want to try one day instead of clogging up my favorites here on my computer. How did I miss your previous post??? That is too funny because I remind my hubby all the time to read my blog! Good one! And I'm with him on the tuna! Let me know if you do start pinterest.

  5. Oh I am soo behind…Melody just mentioned to me that she LOVES it, and I have never even heard of it…don't even know what it even is, Mel got interrupted and had to suddenly get off the phone before she could even explain what it is…haha..I will have to investigate this further.

  6. I pin and I love it. I have found so many good ideas for the classroom and some good looking recipes. I can send you an invite if you want one.

    My hubby does not ready my blog(s). It took him forever to realize that I blogged about my Mom's entire journey with leukemia (yes, I told him I was doing it but he forgot (or something)). He know about my Giggles blog but has no idea I have a recipe blog. He hates to read so he won't ever read it. . . . . .at all!!

  7. I've heard of it, took a quick look at the site, but have never used it. I guess I don't fully understand it either, or the time for it. If you start using it you'll have to write about it so those of us that don't use it will know what it's about. 🙂


  8. I am stubbornly ignoring Pintrest, as I am ignoring facebook. I can't seem to keep up with the coolest newest sites to do stuff, so I decided to quit trying. Cutting off my nose to spite my face? Maybe. But it keeps my online world a tiny bit simpler. 🙂

  9. I just started pinning. For me it is helpful to have all the cool things that I find gathered in one place. I often come across a recipe and later can't remember exactly where, it was, now, I can easily recall it.

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