A Love Note from God

Well, I will admit I’m still pretty much in the dark about pinning.  Apparently, you either (really) love it…or, more of you than I thought, you just aren’t ready – or willing – to take on another on-line obsession!  The verdict is still out for me.  Blogging just might be enough for me (at least, for now……) I have always had a desire to use my blog in order to honor the Lord…and certainly to give Him praise whenever I can!  I am not sure I do that adequately but it certainly is my heart’s desire. Often it is challenging to give praise specifically – because I am not able (or wanting) to discuss, specifically, “the need” before the praise…if that makes sense.  However, God has been so good to me this week.  I am humbled – and grateful. It has been a difficult past few days for me (weeks, actually).  While seeking God’s face and waiting for His answers, I have determined to learn more about Him….and the things He has shown me have been precious.  I wish each of you lived close by and I could share my heart with you for awhile over a cup of coffee! But let me share one quick story.  I was headed to work on Monday evening.  It had been a busy day – that included another doctor’s visit – and I had lots of things mulling through my mind.  It was a beautiful day, mind you. Sunny, bright and lovely. And there – right in front of me was one of the clearest – and broadest – rainbows I have seen in a VERY long time!  No clouds.  No rain.  But a rainbow, indeed.  It was amazing. I started looking at some of the other drivers, curious to know if they were amazed and awed but this “random” rainbow.  No one was even acting like they noticed it.  How could they not – it was beautiful. And large! rainbow one I actually tried to take a picture…as in while I was driving…with my cell phone…without my glasses!  Oh brother.  Please tell me you can see that rainbow:)  Its just above the trees.  Bad photography aside, that rainbow was a true gift from God.  He could not have said any clearer, “Jennifer…I love you!” God is faithful.  God is in control.  God cares about me. Have you ever heard the old gospel song, “God Put a Rainbow in the Cloud”??  It has been in my head ever since.  Literally.  If we ever have a chance to share some coffee, I’ll sing a few choruses for you! God put a rainbow in the cloud
(God put a rainbow in the cloud)
Well, it looked like the sun wouldn’t shine anymore
God put a rainbow in the cloud

11 thoughts on “A Love Note from God

  1. I see the rainbow and I always stand in amazement whenever I spot one in the sky. I even say a quick, "Thank you, Lord". What a special gift from God!

  2. I see the rainbow. Sometimes when I see something like that, I think it is a gift just for me too. This is the week, (tomorrow) that we lost my dear Dad, and having him in my thoughts so much, I have seen many things like this, while gazing heavenward.
    Have a good rest of your week.

  3. Oh Jennifer, this is one of the many times I wished I lived close enough to you to come right over. How I would love to sit down and talk and talk about whatever is on your heart. Let me know if there is some way specifically I can pray for you.

    I definitely see the rainbow!! Don't you just love when the Lord gives us a DEFINITE touch like that! Yes, how He loves us. Hard to get our heads around just how much sometimes huh?

    Have a wonderful day my friend!


    BTW, you honor the Lord in your posts WONDERFULLY!! One of the many reasons I love to visit here. : )

  4. Greetings Jennifer, Firstly I want to say your blog always brings honor and glory to the Lord-it is one thing that always stands out when I visit. I must say that I don't comment very much but I love your heart. I have heard about Pinterest but have absolutely no idea whatsoever what it is. Also my hubby reads my blog all the time. I couldn't see the rainbow but so thankful the Lord blessed you with it.
    Have a wonderful day! Noreen

  5. Jennifer,

    It's awesome how God gives us those signs just when we need them! Yes, I can see the rainbow!

    Your blog has definitely been a blessing to me and yes, I think you do honor Him in your writing!

    God Bless,

  6. The reason I read your blog is because of how you bring God into many of your writtings. You feel like a kindred spirit. So often God brings us this little touch of Himself just when we need it. A special gift from God.

  7. I can't see it but I take your word for it! 🙂 That was a special gift from God…glad you didn't miss it! Thanks for your sweet comment about the nursery and her name. I'll have to check on the wall color for you…I know they have some left over. Ellison came from a childrens' book "Ellison the Elephant". She just loved the name. Grace is my middle name. Our grand girlie that will be born in March is going to have Grace as her middle name also. I think that is so sweet…I am blessed!

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