Back to Front Royal for my Treasure

Well, how was your weekend? It was a beautiful weekend around here. The leaves have seemed to change colors literally overnight….and bright yellow, orange and red trees color the yards and line the roads. I love it.

And this time of year seems to bring people “out and about”….lots of people and lots of energy. I always enjoy it. And we did our share of “out and about” this weekend, as well.

We headed back to Front Royal on Friday – just Hubbie and I – and had a wonderful day together. We enjoyed walking up and down the sidewalks – although I did not remember to bring a jacket and it was just a bit nippy for me….perfect reason to duck into another shop.

The shops were a lot of fun – with such cute things, but we really enjoyed talking with the shopowners. Hubbie really enjoys this part and, this day, there were plenty of folks in the mood to chat:) Really…its the weather! It just has that effect of folks:)

Every corner was filled with fun things to look at…browse through – and buy:)

And, of course, when we go anywhere, there is always the “need” to take pictures (just for the blog, you know!) And with the trees in all their splendor – well, who could resist. This is not Hubbie’s favorite part but he will play the game…for just a bit:)

Ok – so his smile looks totally fake…but he is at least trying, right? And looking right into the sun!! And that latte he is drinking….the best coffee we have had in quite awhile! Amazing how yummy coffee can really taste when it is brewed fresh. I’m just saying.

Did you guess why we needed to drive back up to Front Royal in the first place?? To pick up my treasure that I had purchased the day before….

Tables for my living room!! Oh, I have been wanting these since….well, since we moved in but either could not find ones that I liked or could not afford the ones I did like. And then…..we found these! I say “we” but it was actually my girlfriends who had gone ahead to another shop. When I and the rest of the group caught up with them, they were giddy with excitment and couldn’t wait to show me “the perfect tables”!!
And, well – I was as giddy as they were. Giddy?? Exactly what does that mean?

Not only a coffe table but its matching end table to boot! The tops – outside the glass – are leather. How cool is that?? I think it gives them a lot of charachter. Not only were they in perfect condition but they were a steal – ok, not literally but you get the idea.
And we found them in a thrift store that supports the local hospice – which I am thrilled to support….such wonderful people doing a precious work – hospice workers.
Now I can begin the hunt for the right things – or thing – to put on the table. Those three pictures were from a table that moved out……and I’m not really liking them there. Oh, and some curtains, a picture above the love seat….and the cutest piece of furniture I have picked out for under the window! But it is definitely coming together:)
And did Hubbie have a Banana Bob for lunch? Uh, not quite. He passed the cute coffee shop for lunch and found a diner (honestly, I don’t even remember it from the day before) with its daily special of “chopped steak and mashed potatoes with gravy”! He was a happy man.

11 thoughts on “Back to Front Royal for my Treasure

  1. The tables are very nice. I can't believe you got them at a thrift store. Apparently thrift store means something different to people outside of our state! A thrift store here does not have nice stuff like that.

  2. Oh Jennifer I love them. Sooo nice. How exciting to find just what you want, at a bargain price, AND supporting such a wonderful charity. Doesn't get better. And now shopping for something to display on the new coffee table. Fun….Have a wonderful day. HUGS, Debbie

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love the tables, they are beautiful. Guess where I stoped today? A local Hospice consignment shop! Found a nice sweater and a fleece Christmas shirt. It does feel good to support such a good organization!

  4. Hi Jennifer, What a wonderful way to spend the day-with your hubby and then finding the tables, which are wonderful. I can't wait to see what else you do. Glad you are supporting the Hospice center as well. Have a blessed week.
    Hugs, Noreen

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