I began discussing relationships – and mentoring ones, in particular – on Tuesday and had planned to finish that post today.  I thought I would skip the Five Minute Friday.  But why would I do that?  I really enjoy FMF – the way the prompts make me think and I enjoy the community and how the other bloggers interpret the prompt.  So, today is FMF and Tuesday will be “the rest of the story…..”  Today’s prompt is:  silent.

When our children were little, we would make the trip one state south to visit my parents as often as we could….usually every few months.  Somehow it became a routine, after the long road-trip home we would order pizza.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal but for my little people, it was a treat!  When the doorbell would ring with our delivery, the squeals of delight from our children would make you think we had not fed them for weeks.

One such evening as I was answering the door – with much less enthusiasm and even less energy – the older gentleman, aka delivery boy, greeted me with a huge smile.  He said, “Ah, I remember when my house with filled with those sounds of life!  Enjoy every minute while you can!”  And, just like that, he was gone….but his words have stayed with me.

Fast forward 15-18 years and the sounds of life around my home are much quieter.  But there are still the voices of the ones I love and the simple sounds of every day creating a steady rhythm of routine that I cherish.  The sounds of life – whether clamorous or subdued – make each house unique and home.  However, I truly do enjoy the bookends of each day – and the silent times of morning and night.

Each morning, before the sounds of the day begin – even before the Keurig begins to warm – the house is silent.  Natural light has not yet started to peek through the blinds but the morning begins.  It is such a special time of day for me.  My soul thrives on morning and I soak in and enjoy as much of this part of the day as I possibly can.  And then again each evening, the sounds begin to wind down until it is bedtime and the house is silent. After noise all day long, I love the absence of sound at bedtime.  It makes for perfect sleep.  The silent times – the bookends of my day – are how my body and soul thrive.

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