Calling all Inventors

I spent a couple days this past weekend house hunting with my brother. True fun…I mean, looking around other people’s houses – for free! I love it! While we are touring through one home (it was an empty one), I kept hearing this beeping/alarm type noise every time I walked through the laundry room?!? Turns is the realtor’s new-fangled device that her husband bought her for Christmas. Seems he was tired of looking for her keys and this nifty gadget hooked onto her keys and every time you whistled (or apparently made much of any other noise), it would beep in response and – voila – found keys!! Pure genius, I’m telling you!

I don’t have too much of a problem with keys but my reading glasses…now that’s another story!! I don’t know what the trouble is but my glasses are always in whatever room I’m not!! And remembering to bring them with me when I go out – ridiculous! I’ve been known to have my friend read entire restaurant menus to me because I can’t see a word without those things (thanks, friend!)

So, if there are any brilliant minds out there who could adapt this new gadget to work on glasses….go for it!! I wouldn’t even mind if it looked like those ridiculous blue-tooth things that I promised myself never to be seen with….I’d do it! My solution right now is to simply buy fifty-three different pairs of glasses and leave them on every end table, night stand, counter and bookcase (etc. etc) that I own……but, truthfully, that’s not even really working!

11 thoughts on “Calling all Inventors

  1. Makes me think of a “Cosby Show” episode where the kids gave Cliff a gadget to help him find his keys. It was supposed to beep everytime someone clapped or whistled, locating the keys. The problem was that it worked for everyone BUT Cliff! That would just be my luck!

  2. Jennifer,

    You’re so funny. Have you tried the necklace thing for glasses? But, somehow, I really don’t think that would suit you.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Jennifer,

    Isn’t getting old a trip… If it’s not the eyes then its the joints. At what point did I become unable to rise from the floor. Can someone invent a lift that would hoist my bottom off the floor. Love Ya!!!

  4. Hi Jennifer ~
    Like Donna said, try those necklace things. I kept misplacing my glasses and I finally broke down and bought a pretty handmade beaded one from a crafter. The kids in my Sunday School class thought it was beautiful and my grandbabies can’t keep their hands off! They always want to be in Grandma’s lap (to touch the “pretty”). Thats good enough for me! A little cheaper than fifty three pairs of glasses, too!
    Have a beautiful day!

  5. I am constantly searching for my cellphone. I leave it laying all over the house! At least I can call it and make it ring. I always wish for that when I misplace something else, like my keys. 🙂

    By the way, I just put up a post on my blog just for you. 🙂

  6. 53 pairs, huh? That’s hilarious! lol! If I think of anything to help you out…I’ll be sure to let you know.

    BTW, I made the Taco soup last Sunday! I was AWESOME! My entire family loved it. Morgan even asked tonight if I would cook it again this weekend! When a teenager ask to have soup for a meal….YOU KNOW IT MUST BE GOOD! lol!

    Enjoy your weekend friend!

  7. I linked over here from Tammy’s blog. Can’t believe I haven’t been here before. Or maybe I have?

    Beauty from ashes is the promise I am claiming, so I love the title of your blog. Just wanted to say “hi”.

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