A Need to Speak

I said it myself and I’ve seen lots of others express it…but blogging is fun!! This past week while blogging I got a new recipe (which was posted by Amy just for me – how sweet!) and I can’t wait to try. It is for chicken spaghetti! I also saw the neatest idea for reusing out-dated and/or unwanted picture frames. Shannon always has great decorating ideas and I have a closet of frames that I am anxious to repurpose! Oh, and I learned that baby Harper is breathing almost on her own….praise the Lord!! Is she just too precious sleeping on her tummy or what?

Blogging is fun. Communicating is fun…and I believe God made us to be communicators and with the desire to so. When I was a little girl, the phone was just becoming more than just a piece of business equipment and more of a way for housewifes like my mom (who were HOUSEwifes in a much truer sense of the word than stay-at-home moms today!) to communicate with others. Fast forward through cordless phones, cell phones, text messages, facebook (?!?) etc….even to blogland! Isn’t it great!

As with anything..there is perspective and need to heed caution. We were created to communicate with our Heavenly father. Our natural desire should be to “early seek Him”….to call out to Him and have Him speak to us in return. Are those my first thoughts in the morning? or am I anxious to get on the computer? When difficulty or challenges come up throughout the day, am I seeking the chance to get alone with Christ? or is my first inclination to call a friend? Phoning a friend is not wrong – nor is the computer – what can go wrong, is the priority each has in my life. My own challenge is to recheck my priorities and ask God to show me where any changes may need to be made.

That said, one more interesting blog that someone introduced me to this week….”At the Well“. It is be an encouraging spot for Titus 2 women…here is a copy from their blog stating some of their goals:

“Gathering At the Well”older women are to encourage the younger women
“Reflections on the Home”to be homemakers and busy at home
“To Raise Them Up”to love their children
“To Have and To Hold”to love their husbands and be subject to them
“Reflections on His Truth” to teach what is good… to be reverent in behavior, chaste, discrete”

Sounds interesting to me! The site should be up and running in a week or so…and there will be give aways! Just thought I would share! Happy Happy Monday to all my blogging friends!

6 thoughts on “A Need to Speak

  1. great blog Jennifer! i too am guilty of a lot of those thing you mentioned. thanks for reminding me of this and showing me what i should be doing! i’m going to check out the chicken recipe and the blog you suggested too, thanks!

  2. Thanks for the reminder on “At the Well”.. I checked it out a while back through AmyDeanne but didn’t subscribe. I’m all subscribed and buttoned up, and now I’ll go check out that chicken recipe. Yum!

  3. Hi! I’m visiting for the first time today. I love your blog. Your post today reminded me of my mom, in the days when the phones were connected to the wall! Certainly a thing of the past. I am sure she would have loved blogs and would have had a great one herself if she were alive now.

    Blogging is a great way to connect with not only people who share our interests but also meeting people of all types. I love it when I have time to look around for new blogs, and I have a growing bookmark list of favorites.

    But you do raise a good point, about priorities, one I can relate to and a great reminder of where our priorities need to be.

  4. Great thoughts, and guess what, we had Chicken Spaghetti tonight. Very similar with a few variations. I will be glad to share any helpful wedding hints with you too, and you are so right about the competition thing. Most of the recipes and food we served, were either family recipes, family favorites, or made by family and friends close to us. I intend to share more this week. Jackie

  5. i just saw your comments on my blog and wanted to answer your questions, lol. you can find the chips at normal grocery stores in the regular chip isle. and the almond milk is just almond milk, not soy. i don’t like soy milk. if you like normal milk you wouldn’t want to drink almond milk, it’s very sweet. i hate regular milk and it makes sense because i can’t tolerate it! lol.

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