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Thankful Thursday…and I want to share just a bit about an amazing place – Camp Friendship! Now..I really have no memory and for some reason I am thinking that I’ve already posted about the camp and, if that is the case, please feel free to skip this….but be sure to check back tomorrow for the winner of the Starbucks card (if you didn’t leave a suggestion for yesterday’s that first!) Anyways…..

Camp Friendship is a camp for kids living with cancer. The kids can be at any stage – actively in treatment or even in remission – and have any type of cancer. It is located in the middle of beautiful horse country in Maryland and the grounds of fantastic. All of the programs are completely funded by donations and even the doctors and nurses (camp is medically staffed 24 hours and all types of treatments are provided) are all volunteers. They offer anything to do that a kid would love…but it is the atmosphere at camp that is the most amazing! The staff love the kids and the kids really accept, enjoy and love each other. You really would have to be there to appreciate it! (Luckily, I have had the privilege to work at camp for one week during the last two summers.)

The motto for the camp is “Where Kids Can Just Be Kids”…and that is exactly what they do!! Tyler was able to go to camp just two weeks before he died – and those two weeks were simply a miracle and blessing from the Lord! We will always cherish Tyler’s memories from camp. And we have a special place in our hearts for Camp Friendship.
This weekend we are having a Send-a-Kid-to-Camp fundraiser to support the camp. What a wonderful time I have had planning and looking forward to this event. Hopefully, next week I will have some pictures to share and news to tell of a wonderful evening. If you think of it, please pray for the fundraiser….not only will we honor my buddy but hope to generously support the camp and the kids attending this year.

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  1. Thank you for sharing about Camp Friendship and what a blessing it is to your family and many others. Our prayers will be with all for a successful fund raiser and that many more lives will be touched.

  2. Jennifer,

    I’m SO HAPPY that you have great memories tied to something so wonderful. St. Jude offered to send Brent off to one of those. I was just TOO CHICKEN at the time. =-/ However, he DID get to go on a “Hunt of a Lifetime” hunting trip with his Daddy. Now, THAT, he loved!

    Hey, I wanted to say THANKS SO VERY MUCH for all your sweet, encouraging words recently. I was a mess at first (worrying about Zach) but then the “peace that passes understanding” kicked in! I’m just SO VERY THANKFUL to have bloggy buddies just like you to support me/us!!

    Hey, I think I forgot to mention when I commented on the picture below.. that is ONE BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!

  3. Hi Jennifer. 🙂 Come by and visit me again for a chat. If I’m there, you can type your name and begin to chat with me, but you don’t have that option if I’m offline, which must have been the case when you were on.

    I’d love to visit though. Hopefully soon! 🙂
    Have a peaceful night.

  4. What a wonderful place! I know you must love it because of what it gave to your Tyler. In Atlanta, they have Camp Sunshine, and our buddy Tyler loved it dearly. After almost 7 years of battling cancer, he had made a lot of friends from there. The most touching moment of all at his funeral was when they played a song from camp, and all the campers stood up and did the motions to it. Still makes me tear up when I think about it.

  5. Oh, what a blessing your son got to enjoy this special camp.

    And now you go back to help others enjoy it too.

    What a special person you are!!

    I pray many will get to have the same experience Tyler had.

    Blessings to you Jennifer♥

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