Some Wordless Wednesday Fun!

I was having such fun trying to decide on just the right caption for this photo…I got myself quite tickled!! I thought I should let you in on the fun…..and so I thought a contest would be fun!! Just submit your favorite caption idea in the comments…on Friday, I will let Hubbie (completely impartial) pick his favorite and I have a ten dollar Starbucks card for the winner!! Yippee! Have a beautiful day!!

10 thoughts on “Some Wordless Wednesday Fun!

  1. Dear Friend,
    She is adorable! I stumbled onto your blog this morning. Our Malorie is also in Heaven, and like you, “we can only imagine what are kids are seeing.” They truly are the lucky ones!

    All I can think of when I see the picture is, “How ADORABLE!”

    Grace 2 U,

  2. she is too cute! great photo! my husband came up with this caption:

    “My daddy told mommy that she put her foot in her mouth. I want to be just like mommy.”

  3. I’m a mom to all boys so I tend to lead towards something gross.. LOL!!

    I’m going to to with…

    “MMMM… I think that sticky spot I stepped in WAS ice-cream!”

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