Celebrate a Loyal Companion

LOYAL – this week’s FMF prompt.  My very first thought was….man’s best friend – dogs!
To many, the definition of loyal lived out.  Day in and day out.  Then I thought my posts needed to be much more “dignified” than simply discussing dogs…which led me to a word study on the difference between loyal and faithful.  While I do love words and a good word study, it is a free write.  For five minutes.  That is what Five Minute Friday is actually about:)  And, with this Sunday being National Dog Day (who knew!?) I decided to stick with my first thoughts.

GO.  Why are dogs so loyal?  We know that dogs are pack animals.  They are committed to the pack and, so, have a desire for devoted relationships.  They have keen social skills – and have become expert in reading body language, facial expressions, and even our daily habits.  In many ways, they are able to empathize with us…even when others may not.  Of course, there is a dependence on us for food and shelter but, in many ways, our dogs are simply looking for affection and companionship – making the bond with our pets very much mutually beneficial.  We love them and, in return, they are loyal.

I would not describe myself as a dog person.  But I do appreciate (am sappy for…) the love and loyalty of our family dog.  Our grand-dog, if you will.  Whether you have a dog or not.  Like pets or don’t….the bond between dogs and their owners is a wonderful picture of what it means to be loyal.

STOP.  Just some extra food for thought.  Ways to celebrate National Dog Day…because, certainly, you want to celebrate!!  I might not actually celebrate, but donating used blankets and pillows to a shelter is a great idea.  Most donation centers will not take pillows, but animal shelters will.  Also, helping a senior friend or neighbor by offering to walk his dog is just a sweet idea!  Sharing your pet with a lonely senior is also sweet.  The affect dogs can have is amazing.  I have seen this repeatedly at the assisted living.  Even if I don’t officially celebrate Dog Day this weekend, I know a dog I can spoil.  But, I do that every day!  I guess every day is dog day:)

3 thoughts on “Celebrate a Loyal Companion

  1. Love this, Jennifer (and your photo-dog looks like our Yoda, who is recovering slowly from a serious illness…prayers, please?).

    We have upwards of 20 of the wee beasties (some not so wee), all taken in as strays or survivours of abuse. Their loyalty is incredible – recently our Aussie, Megan, threw herself at a rattlesnake that I didn't see, AFTER pushing me backwards. She didn't get bitten, and the snake did end up dead by my hands.

    But I think part of it is that it foes both ways; when I was well enough, I'd throw myself between my dogs and any strange dog that would attack them, while walking.

    One for all, all for one, and someone who tries to hurt my friend is going to the morgue!

    #1 at FMF this week.


  2. Jennifer,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post on loyal. When I think of that word…dogs are one of the things that come to mind.

    I love animals…dogs, cats, birds and more. Their simple companionship make our lives richer.

    I like your ideas on how to celebrate National Dog Day!


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