Another month is coming to an end and it occurred to me that I have not a “recap” in quite a while, and so this month seemed like a great time to look back through my calendar.  When I looked for my last “little letters” update….it was August.  Of last year.  I honestly have no idea.  I actually did not even realize I have been blogging for that long.  I would make all sorts of comments wondering where time goes – but that would make me sound old.  So, I will move on.  Some little letters to this August. 2018:)

Dear friend of my sweet Tyler.  Each August begins remembering another year without my buddy.  I try to get to the cemetery early in the morning.  Not only is it peaceful, and not yet blistering, but mornings are my happy time and my soul is calmed during the early hours.  Especially at the cemetery.  But for the second year, someone has actually beat me to Tyler’s place.  This year they left orange lilies, but nothing else to identify themselves.  But just knowing someone is remembering Tyler, missing him and has even made the trip to the cemetery does more for a mother’s heart than I can express.  Dearest friend of Tyler’s – you are dear to me.

Dear Crochet Circle.  How I have enjoyed our mid-week get-togethers.  Thanks for your patience as I try to learn crochet. (It is not easy for an old dog to learn new tricks.  Really.)  Each of you are so talented! Your beautiful work inspires me and your friendship encourages me.

Dear Barb.  Thanks for all your help – and encouragement – with the Music College.  It is definitely a project but we had fun this year!  I hope it was not only a help but also a blessing to the Majesty Music staff as well as the attendees.  I will work behind the scenes on any project with you!

Dear waistline.  There were a lot of birthday celebrations this month.  I love birthday celebrations and I love birthday treats.  Chocolate cake, cheesecake, and crazy delicious french toast.  Please overlook all said extra calories.  They were for good – no, great – reasons!!

Dear Prime Timers.  You are a great Sunday School class.  I love our times together – on Sunday mornings and our times for fellowship.  Like the picnic.  Thanks, George, for your sharing your barbeque skills and for all the fun around the cornhole game!

Dear Kimberly.  I’m so glad you invited me to go with you and your mom to the airport.  Pre-dawn.  I am excited for you and all that God undoubtedly has planned for you in the months ahead.  China is super far away.  Don’t forget to text and email.  Especially your mom:)

Dear Harris Pavilion.  You have become a favorite spot for summer evenings.  Great weather.  Great friends.  Good music and the necessary soft-serve ice cream.  (Again, waistline – ignore those!)  So many reasons that we keep coming back!

Dear Escape Quest.  Thanks for the challenges.  Thanks for the fun and for the laughs.  Sure, we barely made it out (what?  a minute to spare) but we are all hooked on the fun.  You may have actually created a new birthday tradition for us!

Dear Hobby Lobby.  Was it really, truly necessary to have Christmas take over the entire front of the store?  The first week of August?  Ugh.

Dear Sandbar (you know who you are).  Do not quit your day job!!

Dear Jenn.  Thanks for listening to heart and starting the Bible study.  I enjoyed last week and I am looking forward to digging into Matthew together in the weeks ahead.

Dear summer weather.  Apparently, you are not leaving too easily.  It was so pretty last week but you and your high heat (close to 100) and drippy humidity are coming back this week.  Enjoy yourself because fall weather is right on your heels!!  In just a few days, September will be here.  One of my favorite months, for sure.  Looking back at August was nice but, please, September…..come right in!

2 Replies to “Remembering August (2018): Little Letters”

  1. What beautiful mini letters of gratitude! The flowers left for your precious son touched my heart deeply. I can't imagine the pain you must deal with in those visits, but I'm so thankful those flowers from a shared griever were there to bring a little peace to you.

  2. Jennifer … we, too, have a little Tyler who left us far too early. A grandson. It will be 3 years next month. My heart resonates with yours this evening.

    Sending a hug your way.

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