Cheering Her On

Guess who took their first steps?? That’s right…..Miss Roo’s mommy called yesterday to say that Riley had taken four steps!! Honestly, if she had swum the English Channel, I could not have been more tickled!! How exciting!

I couldn’t wait to get on the phone to call her aunt and uncle – and share the big news!! As always, I thought of my Tyler. He would be an awesome uncle – and I so wish I was sharing the fun news with him! Then I was reminded that he – and a great cloud of witnesses – are, indeed, cheering us on…..watching and interested in what is taking place here. How encouraging – and exciting!

You know, there are folks all around me that need “cheering on”…whether young or new Christians taking those early, and sometimes unsteady, steps of faith…..or perhaps older, yet weary Christians that need someone to simply come along side and give some support. There are even those who have not yet accepted Christ – but are so seeking and just need that little bit of encouragement.

Just as I am eager to see Roo walking…running….and taking on the world!, I hope Christ will allow me the privilege to “cheer” someone along their path today. Now, that would be exciting!


6 thoughts on “Cheering Her On

  1. Precious girl! Oh, life gets exciting once they're toddling everywhere, doesn't it! What a beautiful analogy, too; you need to send me your address so I can send you my favorite book, "Balcony People". I think you'd love it. And as your Tyler's 3rd heavenly birthday approaches, my friend Tyler's 1st one is nearing. One more month and he'll be gone a year; hard to believe. And yet for him, it's just been a blink, and a beautiful one. Can't wait to walk through those gates and see all of the loved ones.. .what a day that will be!
    Blessings… hugs… prayers..

  2. Your little one is so cute! She must be so proud of herself now that she can walk all over. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures~it brings back so many beautiful memories of when my first girl took her steps holding on to the couch. God bless, Rose

  3. Such a beautiful and encouraging post, Jennifer! You are such a blessing to me. Tears are flowing at the thought of Tyler and "the host of others" encouraging us on…thanks for the sweet reminder.

    Congrats to Miss Roo on her first steps. 🙂

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