Well, after a week like this past week – you know one of THOSE weeks:) – some times it is best to simply count your blessings!…and enjoy a little photo love of the J-man!! Thankful for:    **autumn color – the trees have fully changed into their fall colors and look so pretty    **white pumpkins – still love the orange ones but something about the white ones are so pretty among all the other pumpkins and gourds    **faithful, praying friends    **email – I do love to send a written note now and then, but it is amazing and wonderful to be able to so quickly share news and connect with friends and loved ones when you need them    **sweet co-workers    **sharing morning coffee with my hubbie to start our day    **pumpkin bread…or pumpkin pancakes…or pumpkin donuts:)    **compassionate doctors    **Rascal    **sweet comments – all comments! – from my blogging friends    **crock-pot meals – gotta love whoever invented the Crock Pot!!    **creating the prefect word on Words with Friends – on a TW spot….sometimes, it’s the little things!    **the weekend (and time to catch up with my blogs!) AND – sleeping Jack jack on tummy I mean, really, what’s not to love!!  Next time: some Riley shots!!

8 Replies to “Counting Blessings”

  1. That sure is a very cute little guy! 🙂 I like your list and can relate to a few… autumn colors, white pumpkins, email and pumpkin bread!

  2. He is adorable!! And growing so fast! I loved your blessing list! Thanks for sharing and uplifitng us! It will be cooler here this weekend..YEAH!!

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