Lots of Pictures – cruise day three!

Today on our browse through my cruise pictures, we are in our second port. Can you guess where that is?? Before I get started – just a reminder about Friday with Friends and sharing some photos of all those fantastic fall decorations and I have seen a lot of fantastic ones! Should have done this one earlier, I suppose, but if you have already posted some pictures, just link back to the post with the photos….its all good:) I just want to see all those scarecrows and pumpkins – they make me feel happy inside:)

Now – onto the photos. If you guessed Amsterdam – you are brilliant!! I have to warn you, there are a lot of pictures and if you don’t want to look through all of them…it won’t offend me. Hey, I won’t even know:) But I think I have so many here because I liked it so much!

I know that Amsterdam has quite the reputation for a variety of reasons; however, whatever its social “woes” may be, none of that impacted our visit. I was simply smitten by the beauty and true uniqueness of the city. The “vibe” of the city was healthy, fun and energetic.

It really was beautiful. A city known for its…..

Flowers……Canals…….and Bikes!

We took a bus tour, a canal tour and visited the home of Anne Frank while we were there. Our tour guide was really informative…..so much interesting information and, truly, I can only remember a fourth of it. (Is it tacky to take a pen and pad and take notes on these tours?? Really, I need those notes once I get home!) So, I’m guessing this windmill is significant in some way other than just totally cool but I couldn’t tell you. But it is cool – and was a stop on our bus tour.

Totally a tourist shot. Picture me – gawking out the window….Hubbie poking my ribs, “You gotta get a picture of that!”….and you get the idea. We both said we would like to revisit Amsterdam – perhaps this is the hotel he would like to take me to!

The houseboats are also very unique and very popular! How quaint are these?? I know..your first thought might be – I would love to live in one of those but let me tell you..they are SMALL. And, well, um – privacy…..non-exsistent! But they are super cute.

Maybe a better picture of the canals that weave through the city. How cool to take a boat taxi to work!

This picture I had to include simply for my uncle and his wife. Susan was my pre-cruise info director as she and my uncle have been to many of the ports we were visiting. They also used to own a home in Amsterdam and mentioned the street to me while we were talking – Herengract. Don’t you know – we “drove” right by on our canal tour. Don’t know which house was theirs….but the whole street was beautiful. Apparently the black house in the photo was to be the new president’s house but he opted out because of his children. Children..historical homes?? You get the idea. (Susan, could the president have been your neighbor?? COOL)
I know you can’t see anything….but it is Anne Frank’s house. If you ever in the neighborhood, I would certainly recommend a visit here. The tour and information was great – and the story is simply amazing. We all throughly enjoyed it.

Hubbie having a great day…a great trip! Isn’t he a hoot. And this next picture…just MIGHT be my friend. I know she really doesn’t want all the notoriety but I just had to put one ’cause she is so stinkin’ sweet! We had such a great time with our friends. And, btw, she doesn’t read my blog…so if you happened to see her, DON’T TELL HER.

See what I mean? 🙂
And I said I would end with a favorite shot from each city. This was a outside a street cafe….

8 thoughts on “Lots of Pictures – cruise day three!

  1. Oh my gosh, I love the home on water!!!! What fun pics!!! Hey, I don't know how to "link up" yet.
    And if I did live near you, you know I would come help!!

  2. I just LOVE these pics…sooo good. What an unbelievable trip this really was. I love the last one too. Can you only imagine living on the water like that? What a different life. I think I am going to link up on Friday too. I will try and get all my pics together today. Have a wonderful day my sweet friend. HUGS, Debbie

  3. Never too many pictures for me! What neat pictures and stories. I'll bet the Anne Frank home especially made history come alive!

    Can't wait to see more pics and hear about the places you saw and the people you met!

    Hugs from Heidi

  4. Hi Jenn,
    Lovely pics of Amsterdam, we tried to go there years ago but our car broke down and we wound up in a place called Echt Holland. We had a very
    interesting time there tho, so all was not lost.
    Those houseboats are so neat, but guess privacy would be at a premium or so it looks. Wow, that is some hotel…would love to see the inside of that baby.
    Aren't the canals just so neat.
    Thanks for sharing your pics they are super.
    Blessings, Nellie
    Hopefully, I can connect with you again on Friday.

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