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The first Wednesday in December and time for a “currently” post.  “Currently” it is the holiday season and all the feels, energy and, yes, the busyness of the season are in full swing.  I typically do not have a December calendar packed with plans, activities, and/or responsibilities, but truthfully you can just feel that energy everywhere and from everyone.  It is actually rather fun here at the beginning of the month but I can get caught up in everyone else’s excitement….and stress.  I have to remember to pause, create some quiet, and enjoy some silent nights.  I’m grateful for this season of life that allows me to do just that.
Christmas is finally on display at my house.  I really was dragging my feet (and my holly jolly) this year, but everything looking festive makes me feel – well, more festive!  I’ll never be Buddy the Elf but I am enjoying things “currently” around here.  So, let’s press on with today’s post.  Here is what I am currently loving, gifting, wrapping, hoping, and attending.
LOVING – the fun we are having while preparing for the Junior Church Christmas program.  The children have really stepped up in memorizing their verses and/or speaking parts, and they are so excited to be dressing up as shepherds!  I was not sure what to expect about costumes and even a small set design but I think it is going to be cute – and a sweet blessing.
GIFTING – is a touchy subject for me.  At least, with my family.  All four of us have very different – and very strong! – opinions about gifting during the holidays.  Each year it becomes a matter of contention…. which is rather sad actually.  Not to rehearse it all here but I am firmly in the “enjoy experiences” camp of gifting.  A perfect Christmas morning (if there is such a thing) would not include small mountains of discarded paper, bows or other embellishments.  I just want to enjoy being with my favorite people.  And they enjoy being with me…..they just want gifts to open as well.  Sigh.  Let’s move on……..
WRAPPING – well, not much.  My husband does most (just about all) of the wrapping around here.  I add the aforementioned embellishments:)  Every year, we are determined to wrap as we purchase.  This year, like every other year, that has not happened.  I’m not sure we have wrapped the first gift yet.  Oh boy.
HOPING – this will be the last year of purchased gifts for my family.  That was totally redundant and a pitiful attempt to “get the last word” but, then again, it is my blog!:)  I am also hoping my brother can visit his family for Christmas, that there will be no snow until at least January (maybe February), and that I can maintain some sense of self-control around all the Christmas goodies.  We are only six days into the month and the delicious, sugary temptation has been everywhere!
ATTENDING – a few Christmas activities.  We had our ladies’ Christmas party at church last weekend.  There will be one at Bible study next week as well as our church Christmas lunch.  And….well, you get the idea.  So much food!:) I am looking forward to attending the Nutcracker with my brother next weekend.  He is one person that enjoys “experiences” and we try to do something special for Christmas as well as our birthdays.  We always have such nice evenings together.
So, what will you be attending in the next few weeks?  Have you ever seen the Nutcracker?  And have you finished your wrapping?  Who is the wrapper in your family?  I love your comments!  The rest of my week looks busy as we will have company.  I might be slow in visiting blogs – but I will get there and am always blessed by your visits.  The rest of the Currently posts can be found on Jen’s blog here.  Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Currently: December 2022

  1. I love the idea of giving experiences at Christmas. I just mentioned to my husband last week that I’d love for us to take a family vacation at Christmas next year! He didn’t share my excitement and we for SURE have one son who would protest greatly. I’m rolling my eyes. We’re not big spenders, so we do go all out for our sons at Christmas. We have a budget and we stick to it, but they mainly want things for their vehicles. That being said, we’re done, with the exception of extended family gifts I’ll be purchasing Friday while I’m out of town. I have five to purchase, then I’ll be done! I love to wrap. I mean I LOVE to wrap. I’m good at it and I’m super fast once I get started. All I need is paper with grids and a good pair of scissors, which I have thanks to a date night a couple of weeks ago! (We went out for Mexican, then we went to Dollar Tree and Harbor Freight, where he bought us a new package of scissors.) I’m glad you joined us today! I can’t wait to hear about your sweet program at church!

    1. Ah, Jennifer, I haven’t even had the opportunity to read the link-up posts yet. I miss getting around to “visit” with everyone. I hope there will be time for it soon. Hope you have had a wonderful week….and that you have a nice day with you dad today!!

  2. We just get a couple of presents and we each wrap what we bought.
    I haven’t done any decorating yet, but plan to get started this week, but I did do the cards.
    Our Christmas is pretty laid back. Since Christmas is on a Sunday we will start by going to church.

  3. I have wrapped all the gifts that are in the house but I still have quite a few I’m waiting on delivery. I enjoy wrapping and typically wrap with a little snack at hand and a fun Christmas movie playing (one I’ve seen enough that I can listen and not really watch at times and still know what is going to happen).

  4. I’ve stuck to my intentions re wrapping this year and it’s nice to know that all I now need to do is add a few embellishments here and there before we hand them out.
    This afternoon we are going to see our grandson in his first Christmas play. Covid put paid to the previous two years so we are really looking forward to it. Our granddaughter was in her first nativity this week but parents were only allowed two tickets for that so Nanny and Grandad didn’t get to see her in her angel debut! Leo’s play is called ‘Lights … CAMEL … action …’ so I’m guessing that it isn’t a traditional nativity 😉

  5. I am all about experiences for gifts, but then I want to give a little something under the tree too, for tradition sake.

    I have finally wrapped everything I’ve bought, so far. The stocking stuffers are in the closet and those will not be wrapped, but hidden until Christmas Eve.
    I’m definitely the wrapper in the family. My husband would do it, if I asked, but I usually do it while watching tv and it makes it go by pretty painlessly.

    Today I’m off to listen to my husband’s band play Christmas music in downtown and lunch with a friend.

    Have a great week!

    1. I hope you had a great time listening to the band – what fun – and that your week has been blessed! Will be catching up with blog reading soon!!

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