Currently: January 2020

Currently.  I enjoy this monthly link-up but I missed joining the party in January.  But I can still get my “currently” thoughts into a post.  If just for the sake of remembering.  And I need all the help I can find with remembering anything these days.  I will catch the actual link-up next month – but, for now, I am currently:

RESOLVING – to bloom:)  If that makes no sense, this post about my word for the year will help!

READING – from Good to Grace by Christine Hoover.  I am really enjoying this book and am highlighting it galore, but even the good reads seem to take me sooo long to finish.  I have no idea why but I am determined to finish this one by the end of the month – and three more.  A rather ambitious goal for me but I joined a reading challenge and it is really pushing me!  (and apparently, I need the push!)

CLEANING – the basement storage area….aka the holiday dump zone.  Ugh.  Between fall decor, Thanksgiving things and all the Christmas, it happens every year.  The bins just explode and it becomes a disaster.  But I have purged, reorganized and given all the bins new labels.  Order has been restored.  A place for everything….and when everything is in its place, I am one happy girl!

CREATING – lists!  One more thing that makes this girl happy!:)  Well, for the most past. I found the cutest 30in30 printables and quickly jotted myself some goals.  I tried not to overthink it (tried!) but a couple have already proven to be a challenge.  I’ve also considered a 20 in 2020 goals list but that could be more of a challenge than I want.  Is it just me – but to-do lists (even simply goals) quickly turn super stressful when the boxes are not getting checked?

PLANNING – the decorations for next month’s Valentine’s banquet at church.  I offered and they accepted:)  Now I just need to get my act together.  I so enjoy our new church and love my church family.  I want this evening to be special.  Any suggestions?  Please share.

And let me know what you have been reading, or planning….or cleaning:)

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