Currently: March 2023

Currently.  As I type this, it is Tuesday night – March 7th – which is/was my dad’s birthday.  I’ve thought of him often throughout the day.  I love this photo of him with my mom.  It is amazing all that we “pick up” from our parents – intentionally or otherwise.  My dad was a teacher through example and what a role model he continues to be – especially during challenging and hard times.  I often wonder what he would say or, even more, how would handle some of the things on my plate just now.  And, in many ways, I know because I watched him.  I’m grateful for his example and inspiration.

Now onward for this month’s Currently post.  This month we are considering all things loved, started, finished, tried and going.  The rest of the link-up can be found here.  Check those out…..after you finish this one, of course:)  Let’s get started.  Currently, I am….

 loving – all the spring blooms – even the smelly Bradford pears that I love so much despite their unique fragrance:)  Also loving the busy birds (another sign spring is in the air), the return of DST (longer evenings), clean and shiny windows (my husband has gotten a bit of a spring cleaning bug), tea in the morning (coffee was disappointing me lately) and tea with scones….even better!  I have also loved visits from friends lately.  No real agenda – just friends sharing laughs and life over tea, or soup, or something with dark chocolate!  What’s not to love??:)

starting  – a cold.  WHY?  You know how you can feel the drip.  Just ever so slightly.  You were if a cold is coming on but before you can really think too long – bam – you are completely congested and your head feels like a brick.  UGH.  I truly believe my immune system has completely given up being any assistance to me whatsoever.

finishing – my latest Bible study.  Well, very soon.  This study of (the first part of) Exodus has been excellent.  But, as much as I love the studies, I so enjoy the group of ladies that meet on Tuesday mornings.  I love our discussions as well as our friendships.  What a group of prayer warriors! I am excited to see what we study for the rest of the semester.

trying – to get caught up reading blog posts.  There is definitely a snowball effect and the more that “I miss,” the snowball not only grows but is rolling downhill away from me.  And I cannot catch up.  I read the current posts but really want to go back and read all that I missed (like the entire month of February!) but it has not proved easy.

going – nowhere.  At least, as far as going anywhere that would require packing an overnight bag.  So sadly.  I had reservations for a girls getaway this weekend and was supposed to be leaving in the morning, but one of the girls is sick.  There is a flu/bronchitis strain going around (apparently) that is quite the kicker.  As in, kick in the pants.  I have heard of some who had it and felt horrible for ten days!  Ugh.  I really hope my friend feels better…even today.  I am “going” to (yet another!) doctor appointment today.  Sigh.  But, no packing necessary!

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I’d love to hear from you.  Share your best immune boosting tip with me!!

14 thoughts on “Currently: March 2023

  1. A getaway sounds wonderful…hopefully we can both get out of town for a bit someday soon.
    Ugh, colds are the worst. Feel better soon! I currently have a sinus infection, but thankfully, it’s clearing up.

  2. We just started our new Bible Study last night. We are doing a study on Amos by Jennifer Rothschild. I’m with you…our group of ladies are so awesome to be with and it was so good to see everyone. Some got to church with us, but a bunch of them are from other churches and it was really good to see them again. Our last study ended at the end of October. Did you take the picture at the top of the page? That is absolutely gorgeous! Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Ah, Jennifer Rothschild is one of my favorites!! I know I would really enjoy one of her studies. Here’s to a great time of studying Amos together! (Such an interesting topic/book…)

  3. Friend, I appreciate your thoughts on your Dad on his birthday. My Mom’s was last week, our first without her. So many emotions and thoughts. I absolutely hear what you’re saying about wondering what our parents think about the situations we ourselves are in. I think I know … but then again, maybe not!

    1. Yes, Linda, so many emotions and thoughts. Praying that the Lord sends you a few extra and unexpected blessings as you think about your Mom!

  4. It’s such a blessing to have great memories of your Dad. I love that they still influence us when they are gone. My Dad is still living and I enjoy spending time with him so much. My Mom’s been gone for almost 20 years and I often think of things I’d like to talk with her about.
    Sorry about the cold! I hope it’s short lived. It’s too bad your get away is cancelled too. 🙁

    1. I was really disappointed by the cancelled trip…but rescheduling it will definitely be something to look forward to!

  5. Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful man. I pray God comforts you during this time of remembering him on his birthday, and every day. I also hope you feel better. Colds are miserable. I believe all of this up and down weather doesn’t help. I usually rely on cold medicine and Vix.

  6. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man, you are so lucky to have had such a wonderful role model. My son has been fighting off a cold and I’ve been cleaning like crazy trying to stop anyone else from catching it; even though that probably won’t work. I figure it could be much worse even if they do make us miserable in the meantime.

    1. Not sharing colds with the whole family is definitely a challenge. Hope you avoid your son’s!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, Jennifer! I am so sorry to hear you are getting sick! Lots of vitamin C, herbal teas, etc. I will be praying it’s very mild and goes away quickly. I hope your doctor’s appointment went well today.

    1. Thanks Cindy – you are so sweet! Need to up my Vitamin C, I do believe!!:) Hope your weekend ahead is a good one and glad you stopped by today!

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