Currently: November 2022

Hello to November….and the first Wednesday of the month.  Time for another look at things “currently” at my house but, before I begin, I want to beg your patience as I try to get back into my routine.  I have been on the struggle bus trying to get caught up with comments, emails, and (sadly) visiting my blog friends.  Today is the day, though, and I look forward to connecting with everyone.  I so enjoy this blog community.  The friendships, the encouragement, and the inspiration.  Thanks to each one of you who are visiting today.  Please leave a comment (many of you do but I would love to hear from the rest of you)!
But, for now, let’s talk about some random things happening in my neck of the woods.  Currently, I am:
borrowing – my daughter’s curling irons and wands.  Why?  I have (forever) dreamed of beautiful, bouncy wavy hair.  All the girls on Pinterest and YT make it look incredibly easy.  My daughter even claims it is oh-so-easy.  But they are joking.  It is not easy and my hair did not look bouncy, wavy, or beautiful.  She loaned me four (yes, four!) different contraptions.  All fails.  And some (actually most) of them do not even have clips on them but are just solid, burning hot rods.  You are supposed to use a glove-covered hand to wrap your hair around said rod….and, voila.  Nope.  I just want my good ole Conair hot curlers back!
buying – a few new sweaters and sweatshirts.  My whole wardrobe could use a bit of an upgrade or refresh but sweaters and sweatshirts are in desperate need – so I am starting there.  The other day, I found several cute sweaters at Ross.  I have never shopped at Ross before.  I cannot say it was my favorite store but at least that day, I came home with a few new things.  Of course, this week it is spring-like again but I know sweater weather has not gone far away.  I am curious, though, to see how many folks put “Christmas gifts” in this category!?  I do not buy gifts early.  (Is November early??)  I have tried it before and it only added stress for me.  When do you start buying gifts?  Or maybe you are done?!?
planning – our Thanksgiving.  Our holiday celebration is small and rather simple but it is still our celebration and we enjoy our little traditions.  My brother will be in town this year which has not happened in several (perhaps many) years.  I’m excited to share the day with him as well.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, we eat out.  We have done that for decades but not always at the same place.  I think we have decided on a restaurant for this year and I am making reservations even today.  Then I will work on ideas for spending/enjoying the rest of the day.  It might be small but it would not be “a special day” if I didn’t (over)plan it!!:)
prepping – for a small Junior Church Christmas program.  My group includes a wide range of ages which is a bit of a challenge but I have a few ideas.  Actually, I have more than a few ideas and need to pick a direction and go with it.  It is November already (cue the apprehension) and we need to practice.  Typically, we simply sing a medley of songs for Christmas but as far as I know, they have never done any type of program before.  Note to self:  start small, Jennifer!!
reading –  cozy murder mysteries. I have no idea how I got started on these stories.  But they are not too long, are easy to read, have cute characters, and just enough intrigue to keep me interested all the way to the end.  They are perfect for reading just before bed when my brain is barely half engaged (if that much).  My favorites right now (um, currently) are the Amish Candy Shop Mysteries by Amanda Flower.
Thanks again for stopping by.  You can find the entire link-up here and find out what others are reading….or what they might be borrowing!:)

14 thoughts on “Currently: November 2022

  1. Hello, friend! Thanks for linking up with me today! I had to laugh over your curling escapades- I’m proud of you for not burning yourself. I see people with burn marks on their hands all the time and when I ask, it’s always from the tool they used to curl their hair. I don’t blame you for wanting your Conair rollers back! Good for you for trying, though, and for refreshing your wardrobe. I’ve gotten some great things from Ross- I also really love Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. I can browse pretty quickly in those places and they always seem a little more organized than Ross. Our Ross leaves a lot to be desired. I love a cozy mystery! I just came across some for Christmas yesterday that I’m considering. They’re based on Nantucket and take place during the holidays. I love seasonal books!

    Have a great day!

    1. Oh, let me know about those cozy Christmas mysteries. I’m rather hooked on those type of books right now – lol!!

  2. Good for you for trying something different with your hair. I am tempted to try something different… especially when I see pictures of me from twenty years ago and my hair style is the same. Oh man! I hope you have helpers for your junior church holiday activities. It would be very stressful for me if I was the only one running things. But such an exciting time of year! I love that you go out to eat on Thanksgiving. That is something worth considering. Well, I sure hope your day is going well!

  3. Oh I do love a good cozy murder mystery series! My favorite right now is the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries by Jenn McKinlay… only problem is the book talks so much about cupcakes that they start making me so hungry for cupcakes!

  4. They say you always want the hair you don’t have and I know that’s true for me! Mine is very straight (unless it rains and then it’s a bit frizzy!) but I too would love soft waves framing my face.
    You asked on my blog about Beavers. They are part of the Boy Scout movement. First you are a Beaver, then a Cub, then a Scout!
    It must be lovely to have a special Thanksgiving Day before Christmas – it sounds like you will thoroughly enjoy having your family spending the day with you.

    1. I thought Beavers might be associated with scouts. But I have honestly never heard of them. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Hi Jennifer 🙂 I bought one of those wands that came with a glove and thought it was ridiculous! 🙂 Seems like a way to get a 3rd degree burn or hair on fire 🙂
    Unfortunately my hair is super curly, so it looks different every day. It’s a daily battle.

    I do not shop early for Christmas! If I did, I would completely forget that I had it and would buy something else. The older I get, the more I have to get through Thanksgiving first, before I start preparing for Christmas. We also have two December birthdays, so that’s a whole other thing.

    And those cozy mysteries sound wonderful! I’ll have to add those to my wish list!

    Have a great week 🙂

    1. That is exactly what I do – forget what and where I put any early purchased Christmas gifts! Thanksgiving first….and then Christmas! I totally agree!

  6. I’m laughing with you (not AT you) about your hair scenario. I have a lot more hair fails than hair successes. 🙂

    My wardrobe is in desperate need of an upgrade too. My favorite sweatpants and sweatshirts are all getting VERY old.

    Hope you’re having a comfy November day curled up with a cozy murder mystery. 🙂

    1. It has been a lovely November day – but the temperatures have been much more little late spring/early summer!! We took a hike today:) Now…..time for that cozy mystery!

  7. I too have been bad at keeping up my blog relationships so I hear you there. They are important to me but sometimes other things have to take priority. However, I have discovered that blog people are loyal people and will be there again when you come back. Additionally, we usually buy almost all of our gifts in one big shopping trip to local stores. I don’t know if we’ll be able to do that this year but I’m hoping it works out and I love supporting our local businesses.

  8. I have dead straight hair too and have tried a few different curling aids. It just seems like a lot of trouble for a result that isn’t much better than when I just let it be straight. Even if I get a reasonable curl, it drops out over time and then just looks scruffy. I’m also on the lookout for a couple of nice cardigan type things to replace my windcheaters and look a little more dressed up rather than sloppy – it’s hard to find a nice casual sweater.

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