Currently: November 2023

The first of a new month.  Hooray for November.  I like this break, or what feels like a break to me.  October always feels so full and busy…in all the best ways and, of course, December is right around the corner.  So, November is the time to relax.  To take a deep breath and just enjoy autumn.  To get cozy and recharge or refresh before the holidays.  With that in mind – happy November:)  And, let’s look at things “currently” here at the start of a new month.  You can see what everyone else is currently doing at the link-up found here!  Currently, I am

LOVING – all the pumpkin dishes lately.  I went through my Pinterest pumpkin board and pulled out more than few recipes that looked yummy and have been making a new treat (or two) every week.  Sure, I will so be over pumpkin soon but, for now, the eating has been delicious!!  Also loving the crunchy leaves piles on our patio (no idea why but they look and feel so fall-ish), the gorgeous full moon lately (bird-watchers by day/moon admirers by night!?!), soup weather and my crock pot.  Hooray for the crock pot!  Honorable mention goes to my front porch mums (often dead by this time of year but are currently hanging in there) and to cute Halloween themed snacks/treats.  I enjoyed several of those this week:)

BUYING – not much lately.  I would like to buy a new rug for under my kitchen table but cannot seem to find one that I actually like.  I do not really understand the current rug trend of faded colors.  As if the rug is already 25 years old or passed down from a great-great relative.  I’ll keep looking.  While I’m thinking about it, I would like to buy a bigger air fryer (or one with two drawers) and a new mirror for our hall bath.  But, truthfully, I do not see any of those things being purchased any time soon.  Yep, not buying much.

PREPARING – Thanksgiving lessons for Junior Church.  I try to do a mini series, of sorts, for the entire month of November.  On thankfulness, obviously, but I try to use some “less than predictable” stories, lessons and crafts.  Some years are more successful than others.  Of course, there will be another one (series, that is) next month but I think I will “borrow” that one.  Also, planning the next Bible study luncheon.  I have not gotten too far there.  Any suggestions for a fun luncheon theme or idea?  Send them my way.

EXCITED FOR – our few days away at Thanksgiving.  I mentioned it here, in last month’s Currently post, but it was a bit early to really get excited.  Now that it is actually November, it seems appropriate to look forward to a little trip.  Not to mention, the big dinner that will be part of said weekend away:)

PLANNING – just a tiny bit for Christmas.  Or the Christmas season.  I do NOT like to rush it but there are a few events (concerts, etc.) that we like to attend each year and you have to plan (somewhat) early if you are going to get good tickets.  Or any tickets at all.  Aha, that is what I will be buying soon.  As in, this week!:)  Two prompts in one!

With that, I will end on a high note.  Sometimes, I find these prompts hard.  Not that the prompts are necessarily hard.  More like, my brain just cannot think.  Like when someone asks you, “What is one of your biggest pet peeves?” And I cannot think of one.  Not one.  Mind you, I have plenty (read that…PLENTY) of pet peeves but when asked I just draw a blank.  Some months, I’m just a blank.  But I got it done:)  Have a great weekend, friends!  Let me know what you are currently buying.  Bought any great rugs lately??:)

10 thoughts on “Currently: November 2023

  1. Hello Jennifer! I totally agree with you about the trend in rugs these days. It definitely makes it harder to find one that I really like. I also understand that there are some Christmas related activities that if we wait until closer to Christmas to purchase (like your concert tickets), well, they just won’t be available and we will miss out.

    1. Yes, I still need to buy those tickets. One family is still unsure if he can get off work, and so I wait. And every day that I wait, I am sure all the good seats are gone…ah!!:)

  2. I’m looking for a rug too! Totally understand what you mean about those faded colours, they are not what I am looking for at all. I’m looking for something to bring a bit of warmth to our conservatory, and flat and faded isn’t going to be a choice.
    I’m only just thinking about Christmas, we have too many winter birthdays to plan too soon! I have started to think about food, but a long way from stocking up my freezer.

    1. Hooray for planning winter birthdays! All the fun things in life start with the food!:) Happy weekend to you, my friend!

  3. This was a fun read! Even if you do struggle with prompts in general, after reading this, I’d never have guessed that. But I struggle like that too, sometimes. I feel like keeping a journal helps– I have a page that I try to keep track of things like this throughout each month. You should see if that trick works for you! It’s just a thought. Now’s the time I’m starting to consider some more prompts for the coming months, so feel free to send some my way!

    1. Great suggestion – thanks! I will have to think on those prompts!:) Will let you know if anything comes to mind. Happy Friday to you, friend!

  4. It’s hard to think about Christmas right now, but like you I have my eye on some performances, so it’s time to start looking at the calendar. Love your fall pictures!

  5. Hi Jennifer 🙂 I buy my rugs on WayFair. They have great prices and plenty of options. Oh, and I really like the look of your blog right now! Very nice 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  6. Yes! Some months I really struggle with the prompts too. I think I tend to overthink them and should probably just use the first things that pop into my head. Care to share what pumpkin treats you’ve been making?! I’m trying to get used to my new oven and so far I’ve been disappointed in my classic chocolate chips and the pizzas I made last night… It’s like taking a whole month off from baking means I’ve forgotten how! I have some banana bread in there this morning so hopefully that will turn out alright (not that I even eat it so I’d never know but I’m sure I’ll hear about it if it’s “off”).

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