Good Monday Morning 10.30.23

Happy Monday and, well, farewell to October.  At least, in the way of posts for me.  My next post will be in November:)  And, I believe, it will truly be fall.  As gorgeous as the trees have become in the last three or four days, it has felt like summer.  Summer – glorious summer!!  Even my roses decided they should bloom again!  I can’t blame them….as I felt like blooming again!  I have been soaking in – and trying to store up – every ounce of vitamin D that I possibly can!  Truth be told, I was a tad afraid that I might be getting a burn on my upper back while we were out on Saturday.  Can you imagine…October sunburn!?!

Saturday found us downtown again.  We went to Eastern Market – an open air farmers and outdoor market where you can find all the local produce, cheese, etc. that you could possibly want as well as handmade arts and crafts.  The streets are packed with vendors and the community, and there is a large indoor hall where you can buy everything from meats, breads, homemade pastas to the most gorgeous flowers.

Apparently, this Capitol Hill “neighborhood gem” has been in business for 150 years.  I was getting ready to look that up online and then noticed my own photograph!  Duh.  I was actually taking a photo for the ceiling which is so interesting…especially in person.  I do like the man that I captured in the lower corner who apparently was stumped with what to order for lunch!!  We, on the other hand, ate outside.  It was a lovely Saturday for fresh margarita pizza on the local tavern patio!

Just down from this first vendor – with the overwhelming lunch menu – was the most beautiful flower stand.  Everyone was taking photos of the flowers.  So, of course, I joined in….

As pretty as they were, I did not see many bouquets being sold.  Lots of meat and plenty of lots produce being purchased – but not a lot of fresh flowers.  Go figure.  Were they super expensive?  I didn’t ask.  But, oh my, they were pretty.  Do you like fresh flowers in your home?  Do you spend money on fresh flowers….just because or for no special occasion?  Just curious. So,

A few things I learned this weekend – as the songwriter once said, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!”; public transportation in the nation’s capitol takes people watching to a whole new level; as much as I try to ignore fall, the leaves truly are stunning and make me smile; and if you add chocolate chips to crescent rolls before you roll them, they suddenly become a yummy breakfast with a quick cup of coffee!!

A few things I’m looking forward to the week – Bible study…I missed last week so am anxious to meet with everyone again; my pilgrims will be coming out of their bins this week – yes, it is that time of year!!; and game night (it’s tonight!).  I’m taking the (hugely successful and taste-tester approved) pumpkin lush again.  I made it last week and shared it here.  I also mentioned apple blondies.  Here is the recipe for that one.  PSA – this recipe (and the site it was found on) was shared with me.  Not necessarily endorsed by me.  (My name is Jennifer, the owner of this blog, and I did not sponsor this ad.)  Also, our blondies did not have the icing and they were still delicious.  I really don’t think icing would be necessary.  But, you never know.

Here’s to a great week ahead.  I think the season of raking is just around the proverbial corner!!  The leaves have been at their finest.  They even make the random Costco parking lot look pretty!!:)

Come back again on Thursday!


9 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 10.30.23

  1. good morning …what a sweet little adventure you went on…that place looks like a great find! you really know how to have fun jen ,,,and those flowers are beautiful —l love to have fresh flowers in the house .. oh only if they were free, i would have them all the time…i have been loving the changing of the leaves also and looking forward cooler temps…have agreat day

  2. Thank you for the recipe! It looks delicious, and like you, I will omit the icing. Icing is my least favorite part of anything! The market looks fantastic. The flowers are beautiful. In answer to your question, I am not a flower person. I have nothing against them. I prefer books instead! Have a cozy October day, my friend.

  3. Happy Monday to you, my friend! Your farmer’s market sounds like a fun time. I totally understand the people watching thing…I could do that all day long! I loved using the subway in NYC for that very reason, particularly when I kept my sunglasses on so people couldn’t see me. I’m glad to hear you’re still soaking up some of that sunshine before the cold sets in…I have been doing some of that as well. It’s super chilly and dreary here today. I love fresh flowers, but I rarely spend money on them. If I think about it and I’m in the supermarket, I might grab a bouquet, but I usually forget. I hope you had a great day!

  4. That market looks like a neat place! I hope the guy in the photo made a good lunch choice ;). The fresh flowers sure are beautiful! Public transportation in the nation´s capital sounds iffy to me in terms of safety- kudos to you for doing it. I can imagine the downtown is beautiful and driving there would likely be a nightmare. So public transportation makes a lot of sense- I would just be a scared-y cat!! Speaking of cats and scary- Happy Halloween (if you celebrate. I celebrate the sweetness of it and try to not focus on the scary!!).

  5. I would love to browse around there! The flowers are exquisite and so is the golden tree. Just love this time of year. Thank you for the recipe. Happy November wishes to you and your family.

  6. Oh yes, I was really enjoying that warmer weather too! I like to buy fresh flower arrangements for the house at least once a month. It’s cheery and makes me smile; even if I seem to be the only one that notices or cares.

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