Currently: October 2020

Already a week into October!  Autumn, for sure.  Helloooo sweater weather.  Boy, do I love you:)  I have not yet worn tights…but, soon.  Very soon.  I love my tights as much as I do sweaters.  And flannel loungewear.  And cute sweatshirts.  You get the idea.  Clothes are just so comfy in the fall.  But this monthly link-up is not about my sense of fashion (thank goodness!) so, moving on.  To this month’s “Currently” prompts. Just now, I am currently:

ADMIRING – ladies who are willing to take a stand.  Who will speak truth.  Our society – that is so divided and seems to pride itself on protesting and, supposedly, taking a stand – is quite dogmatic on exactly who can speak up and who needs to be heard.  Sadly, the Christian’s voice is often criticized, censored, and even muted.  I see so many women being conditioned to simply say nothing…for fear of being misunderstood, misquoted, labeled, or even ostracized.  Christian women can stand for truth and make a difference – and still be kind, loving, and humble.  I have seen some doing just that…and admire them.  They encourage me.  I hope the same can be said of me.

GOING – to Pennsylvania this weekend.  Just for a day trip but what a fun day it is going to be.  Four years ago I had the privilege of taking a missions trip to Samoa.  There were four of us (plus the director) on the team.  God so evidently put that team together and we had the best time serving, working, learning, and living together for two weeks.  Although we have been able to keep in touch through emails, I have not seen these girls since the trip.  But, that will change this weekend.  We have the opportunity to get together…and I am excited.  That trip – and these ladies – impacted me for a lifetime!  I can’t wait to spend a day with them!

MAKING – apple recipes.  I know pumpkin (and pumpkin spice) is king this time of year but apples are also in season.  And I really like apples:)  I went to an orchard last week.  I came home with the smallest bag ever of apples (which was not my choice – just sayin).  On Saturday, I spent all morning in the kitchen with that little harvest of apples.  I peeled apples.  Then peeled some more.  I cored, sliced and diced and…well, peeled a bit more.  It seemed like forever.  And, for all my labor, I have one pint of cinnamon applesauce and an apple cobbler.  Both are (were) delicious but I have to admit, it seemed a bit anti-climatic.  My admiration for all those ladies who actually can and prepare a pantry of goodies – enough to last the winter – went up exponentially this weekend.  Truly, it did.

SCHEDULING – um…this one was a stumper.  I really have nothing scheduled or anything that needs to be scheduled.  Definitely one of the perks for this season of life:)  “This season” (which sounds so much nice than “now that I’m old…”) also allows me to follow my internal, body clock – which is delightful.  I have not set an alarm in years.  I’ve been getting up about 20 minutes or so later than usual because the sun is not quite up.  It calls for a little bit of adjustment to our morning routine – or schedule (see what I did there!) – but that is just fine.  I’m pretty sure that just about the time we get a smooth flow in the mornings….it will be time to turn back the clocks!!

WISHING – that I could simply enjoy fall and all that I love about it – see the above paragraph..and so much more – without reminding myself that autumn brings winter.  Cozy cardigans are nice.  Wool sweaters that require one (or more) layers underneath are not cozy.  They mean winter.  I won’t go so far to wish winter away but it would be lovely if it only lasted two weeks.  I could stay inside and be perfectly happy for two weeks!!  In case you are wondering, winter is not my favorite.  I wish I had a better attitude…and I have tried.  But I know how it ends.  Cold and grumpy.  Sigh

For now, I will keep enjoying autumn.  For us, this month is simple.  Perhaps the calm before the storm of the next couple months.  Few plans and obligations.  A perfect month to slow down.  To refresh both mind and spirit.  A month full of chunks of time to simply breathe in and breathe out….and remember how good God has been and continue to be!!  Happy October!!  Check out the rest of the link-up here (starting on Wednesday).

22 thoughts on “Currently: October 2020

  1. I’m not looking forward to winter either, let’s make the most of Autumn and hope winter starts late and ends early!
    How great that you are able to get together with your friends again – I’m sure you’ll have lots to talk about and memories of your trip to share, have fun!

    1. You are right…so much chatting and catching up with my friends this weekend!! I hope the husbands are ready:)

  2. Oh what a wonderful reunion to meet with your friends, especially at this time of Autumn. I also love these days of cooler weather and blue skies, but I could also do without such a long winter! May the Lord give us His eyes to see His beauty even then. Blesssings to you this week!

  3. I belong to a group where many of the members are avid pantry stockers – they can everything you can imagine. I have such admiration for them because I have never canned anything in my life. Many of them grew up with mothers and grandmothers who did the same and I hope they will continue to teach the skill to their children and grandchildren.

    1. That must be a very busy group! So industrious and productive. I would enjoy the inspiration from such a group!!

  4. It sounds to me like scheduling a trip, however long or short, to somewhere warm this winter is in order for you! I know it’s tough to make those things happen these days, but maybe even having sunshine & warmth to look forward to might make the wintry season more endurable!

  5. Our apple orchards around here don’t have a great harvest this year because we had a late frost in spring that interfered with the growing. I hope I am able to get enough apples to make some applesauce! My family loves slow cooker applesauce! It’s the best! I love fall clothing and all the delicious flavors!

  6. Not rushing any seasons this year, no need to get to winter hibernation when we are already halfway in that state. I too admire women who can figure out just how to take a stand, but it is getting very difficult. I am so tired of labels!

    But I digress, that 101 Dalmatians photo brought back lots of memories of when my kiddos were little. So thanks for that.

  7. I struggle with that part of autumn every year – not a fan of winter! It’s a good reminder to live in the present though. And ha, I’m with you on the pantry thing. I always thought I would make a terrible pioneer woman 😉

    1. Pioneer woman – ha! So glad this country was not depending on me (or others just like me) to open the new territories!!:)

  8. I agree about trying to embrace fall without thinking about how cold I’ll be soon! I love apples too, although I don’t like many apple desserts–which sounds so un-American, ha!

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