Each month starts with what I am doing currently – and Anne’s “Currently” link-up.  The prompts sometimes stump me but I like this fun and unique way to see (and remember)  what life is looking like these days.  I think I am sometimes stumped with the prompts because life is just, well, life.  Maintaining the status quo, as I often tell myself.  I like how the prompts make me think a bit outside the box.  So, let’s get started:

BORROWING.  Do people borrow things anymore?  As in, run next door to the neighbor and borrow a cup of brown sugar or just one egg?  I remember when that was just part of being a neighbor.  You could depend on one another.  No one thought it odd to lend a hand, loan you a rake or even that extra bit of flour.  Today….I’m pretty sure my neighbors would think I was crazy if I asked for an egg.  Maybe it is just the area I live in.  I rather hope it is and, perhaps one day, I will live in a small town (or quaint English village!) where people are bit more connected.

But, I digress.  Pretty much all I borrow these days are books from the library.  And I do not even do that too often.  I’m still pushing myself to become a reader.  To find books – or a book – that actually holds my attention and I enjoy reading all the way to the end.  I always finish a book, but most of the time I have to endure the last chapters. But I tell myself that smart people read books:) And so I persevere!

BUYING.  I’m tempted to say that shopping has become about as exciting as reading – but, I’m afraid, this post would quickly become discouraging, whiny or just plain boring.  So, what am I buying lately??  Dresses.  I love the ease of dresses and there have been some super cute ones lately.  Most I find online.  Not that I enjoy shopping online but I rarely find dresses in stores and I can’t try anything on….so, online shopping for the win.

We also plan to finish our porch – for fall – this week.  We have actually been enjoying it clear and cleaned off…but it is time for some pumpkins and other signs of the season.  So, we will be buying some things for that project this week.  Perhaps even today!:)

PLANNING.  Several small projects are currently rambling through my brain.  Maybe a girls trip to the local orchard.  I would like to get a group of ladies from church together but several have been sick and planning times together has been a challenge.  I would like to plan a soup luncheon and/or a chili cook-off for one afternoon.  Again, group activities are tricky.  I am hoping the end of the month will be a healthier one!  I am also working on something for Thanksgiving with my Junior Church kiddos.  With only a few weeks between the holidays, I really need to start planning Christmas as well.  But honestly, I cannot even think about Christmas.  All in due time……

PREPPING.  This one was a stumper.  I really think we are supposed to insert thoughts, plans and ideas for the holidays which are (yes) right around the corner.  But I am not prepping, planning, or have even thought about the holidays.  I take that back.  Jordan will fly home for Christmas.  We are all excited about that….but the ticket prices are insane!!  Wow.  I suppose I should start prepping/planning/um, borrowing (ha) some extra cash.

READING.  Ok, I ranted enough about my love/hate relationship with books.  However, I have been chugging along with Jennie Allen’s Get Out of Your Head.  Not chuggin because it is a slow read.  Not at all.  It’s totally me.  I know I am late to the game reading this book but I stumbled across it at a perfect time for me.  Fall…which I love but I also know it brings winter.  And the holidays.  Holidays can be hard for me – and even worse if I “stay in my head” too much.  (Ok, that sounds weird but….)  Taking control of my negative thoughts.  Thoughts that quickly spiral and become even more toxic when I feel stressed (and sad) during the holidays.  This book has been a good one to mull over and tuck away for the weeks – and months – ahead.

This post seems to have a heavier tone to it than I would have expected.  No idea why.  I will blame it on the prompts!!  October is a beautiful month.  Life is good and I am blessed.  Would love to know what you are prepping or planning…or just what you are reading!  I am always on the lookout for good book suggestions!


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  1. Actually, my neighbor came over to borrow an egg (or maybe it was sugar) about a year ago. I assume she asked me because she has told me that Gary and I are the only neighbors who talk to her (neighborhoods aren’t that friendly anymore). It’s funny, I can still remember the names of every family on my block on both sides of the street from when I was growing up. That is about 30 houses! People used to be neighborly; not so much anymore. Not sure why.

    Two great inspiring fiction reads I can recommend are The Blue Bottle Club, by Penelope Stokes, and Ribbon of Years, by Robin Lee Hatcher. They are both CHristian fiction, and I was touched tremendously by both books.

    Patti @ Leaving a Legacy

  2. I can’t remember the last time I borrowed something from a neighbor, but I miss those days! Todd recently borrowed a really tall ladder from a friend he works with on the sheriff’s department. He also borrowed a gooseneck trailer for my son a couple of weeks ago. That’s encouraging! My mind automatically went to the library for this prompt.

    I feel your heaviness…my world feels like that a whole lot of the time. My tendency is to be a glass half full type of gal, so I know I may not seem like it, but the battle for me is often internal. Being alone too much does that to me, so I have to remind myself to get out and to interact. I could easily be (and linger) in hermit mode…so a couple of times a week, I am forced to be out and about. (Bible study, church and sometimes out on Saturday with my mom and sister.) Life is hard right this moment, for so many people. That’s why I’m even more grateful for people like you and my blogging buddies. Thank you for sharing from your heart! My post in this linkup is coming tomorrow. Take care, sweet friend!

    1. Funny – it does seem that the guys are a little “less hesitant” to borrow things from their friends – especially those huge, bulky (I will really only use this once) type of things! Very practical actual:) I totally agree that cocooning does not help me. It feels good (don’t get me wrong – I love to be a hermit!! ha) but it is not best for me…to be sure!! But when I do need a retreat, yes, I am so grateful for blogging buddies:) I am grateful for your friendship – even online it is a blessing!!

  3. I find people in the country borrow more than people in the city. I think it’s because country people are more in tune with the land and feel more connected to the community.

    You might try reading “audiobooks” as they might be more enjoyable for you. And you might find more success in completing them.

    Cute porch decorations!

    Again, I recommend audiobooks. I just finished listening to ‘Winning the War in Your Mind’ by Craig Groeschel. He has some practical tips for dealing with negative thoughts. I think you would enjoy the audiobook.

    1. I definitely need to check into audiobooks. Often I check for titles that have been recommended to me only to find they are only available as an audiobook – and I usually discount them. Why? I don’t know. I am going to try them – and thanks for the suggestion!!

  4. We do borrow (and lend) stuff to some of the neighbours on our street — sugar, wide brooms, etc. I’m glad our street does foster that helping hand, at least a little bit.

    And don’t worry about seeming down — not every month can be a super uplifting and joyful one.

  5. Not familiar with Get Out of Your Head but interested in it now. I have pinned it so I remember to check it out. I appreciate that Cosmopolitan (of all magazines) recommends it. That’s kind of refreshing. My library apparently has it available in an audiobook format.

    Isn’t it a shame neighbors don’t borrow or even help each other much these days? Our across the street neighbor has cautioned us that we’ve left our garage door up a couple of times so I baked them a cobbler. But they seemed unsure about accepting it. Maybe because it was during Covid?

    I had started work on my currently post…prepping it, if you will…but didn’t get it finished so failed to join this month.

    1. I had a similar experience with my neighbors. A shame…yes. But also rather odd, I think. So much that is “odd” these days!! Just sayin.

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