An Autumn Day Trip

Yesterday was a beauty!  In so many ways!  We finished our fall revival the night before and both Hubbie and I are feeling refreshed, encouraged, excited and challenged.  Spiritually renewed.  The weather has just been pure perfection making us feel physically refreshed as well!  Yesterday morning just beckoned for us to “get out for the day” – and so we did!  We didn’t go terribly far but took the backroads and headed for some nearby historic towns and Main Streets with nothing planned but to wander.  And, to eat.  Of course.  It was delightful.

As we headed out, I remembered the I Spy Photo Challenge.  I always enjoy – and am so impressed by – the photos each week.  Each week, I also think that I should challenge myself (and my pitiful camera skills) and try to capture a photo for at least one of the five weekly prompts.  Surely, I can find one!?  A day off the beaten path seemed like the perfect opportunity.  So, totally out of my norm, this is a bit of recap….with much less words (oh how I prefer words!) and a few photos.  And, I think I might have covered two of the prompts:)

All the autumn feels.  Pumpkins, mums, pansies, and cornstalks.  It was such a pretty day yesterday.

We had lunch in the cutest restaurant…and ate on the patio.  El fresco dining is my absolute favorite.  “Dining” sounds so fancy.  We totally had sandwiches and fries – but eating on a beautiful patio makes any meal fancy!

Everywhere we go, they are short-staffed for servers.  It really is a shame but we still had excellent service.  They were busy but handled the lunch crowd really well.

Ah – and prompt one:  OUTSIDE:)

This porch was at the cutest market we found along the way in a town called Hillsboro.  I’ve never heard of Hillsboro (much less been there) but it sure was pretty.  The market reminded us both of Lancaster – our happy place.  And, yes, the rockers were mighty inviting but we still could not resist the patio.  The one here was sun-drenched!

Inside, the market smelled of fresh-baked bread and freshly brewed coffee.  The shelves were lined with a little bit of everything.  Local honey.  Jars of jam and fruit butters.  Rough junks of hand-poured soap as well as all-natural toothpaste and deodorant.

We had one of the best lattes I have ever tasted.

It even looks delicious.  They had a cute name for this latte – which had absolutely nothing to do with coffee.  Or even autumn or Hillsboro.  But the description (handwritten on the overhead chalkboard) was just as unique and we couldn’t resist.

A mixture of hazelnut and amaretto coffee.  Sweetened with honey and a splash of vanilla.  Or something similar.

I’m sure there was more but, really, that foam was just the best!

Truthfully, only two reasons for this photo.

The entire day was flooded with the sun.  This photo captured that for me.

Oh, and one more prompt:  SHADOW:)

Happy October, friends.  Here’s to a month full of sun-drenched moments.  And a few amazing cups of coffee along the way!!

13 thoughts on “An Autumn Day Trip

  1. Great job getting two of the photo prompts in! It sounds like you had a wonderful day trip. I have been just loving our weather lately too!

  2. Oh how envious I felt when I read about being able to eat a lovely lunch in the sunshine – our autumn is starting out to be damp and chilly – oh for a bright sunny day where we can wrap up warm and take the dog for a walk, kicking up the leaves in the woodland!

    1. Will be leaf-kicking season here soon enough as well!! (which is also known as leaf raking season – oh my!)

  3. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! In my opinion, everything about fall makes for a wonderful day. I love to go for drives, and how fun, to discover some towns you had never been in before. That latte does indeed look yummy. A few weeks ago, I went into a restaurant that was short-staffed. They had the best sign on the door: “Please be patient with our staff. We are short-staffed and are doing the best we can. If you get impatient and want to be cranky with your wait person, resist the temptation to do that and submit a resume instead.” Ha!


  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out, and remembered to take photos. My fave has to be the pumpkins with the flowers cascading. CarolG

    1. Thanks, Carol! And glad you stopped by the blog…thanks for commenting! I look forward to “chatting” some more!

  5. A wonderful road trip, the sights and smells of fall, and a couple of photo prompts = great day! Those lattes look amazing, and amaretto is a perfect flavor for a latte too.

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