Cute Little Acorns

Does it ever bother you that the stores are so quick to begin displaying and selling all the Christmas merchandise? Well, there is at least benefit….those same stores have to sell all the fall and Thanksgiving goodies in order to make room – and at great prices! I found these cute little acorns today for two bucks!! Of course, my pictures are never the best but these really were sweet. They are actually salt and pepper shakers but I don’t know if I will even fill them – they just look great among my cornucopia and fall leaves on the kitchen table. And did I mention, I just love a bargain?!?

6 thoughts on “Cute Little Acorns

  1. Those are too cute. I have been eyeing them at a local store but they only have one. I am going to have to go looking at another location to see if I can find 2.

  2. I found an Acorn and Pumpkin salt and pepper shaker at Wal-greens for a buck! Yes, I love great deals like that! 🙂

    Your acorns are probably nice than the ones I found though. 🙂

  3. Acorns are fast becoming my new passion, but it seams they are everyone else’s as well. I haven’t seen any around where I live (real or otherwise!) Yours are lovely.

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