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There truly are so many wonderful blogs all across blogland. Women sharing from their hearts as they strive to live for our Savior and encouraging others to do the same. I really could spend way too much time reading each and every post…which leads me to more, new blogs and posts – and so on and so on. Actually, I have to set a limit for myself and then, on Sunday evenings…when all is quiet and in order for another week, I have “free time” to roam through blogland!

I have been really challenged lately….and I like that. Nicki at Three Girly Girls had a great post a few days back about our own personal mission statement – similar to the type of statement a church, school, business or other group might have. These statements show purpose and direction – and how helpful could that be for each of us as individuals? It certainly makes since that if we don’t purposely know what we are striving for, then how likely are we to achieve it? She challenged me to think what my own mission statement would say. I wrote it in my journal – to reflect on often and to keep me focused.

Here’s what I came up with for myself:
To purposefully order my days so as to be a reflection of:
God’s mercy – in a “changed” life
God’s faithfulness – in any circumstance
God’s goodness – in a life well lived

What would be your personal mission statement?
One other blog to check out would be Buffaloes & Butterfly. While I have not really wanted to use my blog for political thoughts, per se, the video link for Gianna Jessen is tremendous and so worth your time to view. Whatever your political views, her testimony, as an abortion survivor, is very powerful – and inspiring. Just to hear her speak so boldly for her savior is wonderful! There are two parts but I would encourage to take the time to listen.

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