Defeating My Doubt

Well, here we are with another month in the history books – and a time to look back at May.  For me, this month has been a month of preparation.  Yes, May is always eventful and there were the annual graduations and picnics that follow and, of course, the mental transition to summer – even for an empty-nester.  We had flags in the front yard this past weekend and have begun to stalk the local soft-serve ice cream spots in earnest. 

But when I look back over the calendar, this past month has included more than just a few days – weeks even – and several circumstances used to prepare me for next month!  I mentioned a few weeks ago – in this post – that God has opened the doors for me to take another missions trip.  In June.  As in, soon.  I leave in 14 days.  I will be going to Thailand – with a team of four others – and we have a full itinerary of ministries opportunities.  We will be meeting and working with two missionary families and will be involved in church services, English classes, a children’s home, a prison ministry and a few other projects.  There is also a day set aside for riding elephants:)  (oh my.)

Yes, I am excited.  I know, without doubt, that God not only opened the doors for me to take this trip 
and has provided for the trip, but also that He wants me on this trip.  But, it does not take much for the enemy to try and discourage, to make me doubt or even to terrify me.  More than once, over the past couple days, I have found myself wondering “what in the world were you thinking!??!”  The doubts and hesitations seem to multiply overnight.  But, if I know – without a doubt – that God has this trip planned for me, then I can be sure – without a doubt – that He will accomplish all He desires.  Both for me and through me.

This is trust.  I read this statement this morning.  “Continual peace come from continual trust.”  If I trust Him – and I do – then I have peace.  When my peace starts to erode, usually I’m starting to trust, or rely, on my own strengths and abilities.  And those are sorely lacking.  Just as He provided exactly what I needed, financially, to get to Thailand, I can be confident that He will give me the physical strength, the wisdom, even the courage I might need to do whatever is needed in Thailand.  Even ride an elephant.  (oh my.)

Psalm 37:4-5  “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.   Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”

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