Don’t Hide in the Tree

Zaccheus climbed the tree because of the crowd.  And right there among the crowd, Jesus noticed him and called to him.  Not to embarrass him.  Not even to ridicule him for being a greedy tax-collector, but because He wanted to be with Him.  He wanted a relationship with Zaccheus and He wanted the crowd to know it.

So many wonderful things done not only for a crowd but also right in the middle of a crowd.  Jesus seemed to delight in crowds.  Among the largest crowds, He performed the miracle of loaves and fishes – on multiple occasions.  Thousands were fed and benefited from His goodness.  But it was also from among a crowd that He miraculously healed one.  The woman with an issue of blood.  After He healed her, He called her out as well – much like Zaccheus.  Again, not to shame her or to rebuke her, but in order that her shame would be removed.  He wanted the crowd to know she was healed – no longer unclean nor an outcast.

Without question, there are wonderful moments between the savior and His children during quiet times alone.  Finding times to “come apart” and “to be still and know” are needed – daily – and are precious.  But we cannot keep to ourselves all that Christ has done – and is doing – for us and through us.  Often we need to share with a crowd.  Our crowd might not be 5000….or even 50.  But when we are given the opportunity, we need to be willing to be called out.  To speak up and testify.  Sometimes that is easier than at other times.  Sometimes, there is fear and trembling.  But, no doubt our heavenly father is pleased when we will step out of the crowd.  And the crowd can be instructed, rebuked, encouraged and changed as well.

“And Jesus said, Who touched me?…….. And when the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately.”   Luke 8:45 and 47  (emphasis mine)

Today’s FMF prompt:  Crowd.  Go here to see what the others have to say about a crowd.  I had thought I would continue some thoughts from Tuesday’s post – today is my anniversary and I must have marriage thoughts on my mind:) – but I decided to finish those thoughts next week.  I really enjoy Five Minute Friday and the community of writers who join each week.  So – these are my five minute thoughts!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Hide in the Tree

  1. I love how Jesus noticed Zacchaeus and the woman even in the middle of a great crowd, and how he took the time to speak to them and help them individually. It's reassuring to know that he sees us and cares for us as individuals too!

  2. Oh my goodness! I replied to your comment on my post and brought up Zaccheus before coming over here to see what you had written about. Clearly God wants me to meditate on this. 🙂

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