Don’t Worry – Be Happy (Part 2)

On Monday, I shared how memorizing scripture is helping me deal with worry in my life. Admittedly, this is slow for me – somewhere between middle age, chemo and grief, my brain (and especially my memory) some days barely functions! But I’m pluggin away at it and, I suppose, that is the point.

One more thought – from our pastor’s message – that I wanted to share in order to defeat the worries. We really only worry about those things we truly value – and value the most. We don’t find ourselves worrying over things that don’t really matter to us. For instance, I have not lost one minute of sleep, giving thought to who will win the Super Bowl. Sports?? Just not that important to me…, what dip I will eat at the Super Bowl party?!?!?

Get out that list of top five worries from the other day and examine it. No doubt, those five “things” are highly valued by you. Are they valued by God? When I looked at my list, I wanted to know, “Do I share the same priorities as my Savior?” After reading the list with that it mind, honestly one thing on my list seemed so trivial..although I’ve been spending a whole lot of thought time and worry on it. I might as well take that off my list! It was a great chance to try and put some things in perspective.

Hope you have a great Wednesday..Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

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