Em’s Birthday Dinner

UPDATE…for some more fun pictures of Em – and her cute sister – check here!!

Here are some pictures from our celebration with Emily on her birthday. Well, I don’t have pictures from our day of shopping…but, last night we had dinner at a new restaurant – and it was really nice. So glad I found it!

Dante Ristorante – yes, very Italian! In this restored Victorian house – it had so much charm and character. Our service was excellent and, yes, the food was really good. Hubbie and I both had lasagna and Em and Tony had seafood dishes. I’m not a huge fish fan – but I even like Em’s talipia.
Of course, there was dessert – which they surprised us with 🙂 and there was plenty of chocolate to be enjoyed…to be sure!

She is just too cute! (Her cashmere sweater is new!)

Ok – so this is just me being too goofy. But this gorgeous arrangement of flowers were the decorations in the bathroom! I was impressed. I even snapped a picture (yes, thats my reflection in the mirror!??) which is a bit dorky, I know!

Miss Em and her hubbie, Tony! I love you, Em. Happy Birthday!!

5 thoughts on “Em’s Birthday Dinner

  1. you took a picture in the bathroom? greaaaat mom 🙂 and no, there's no way on earth were putting that picture of tony and i in my house.. not cute!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Yea, the Kale soup was great! It was easy since the Kale was already made, just had to add potatoes and chicken broth and some garlic. Hubby and son loved it, and so did Joey (the dog).
    Looks like Emily had a nice birthday, like how they did the dessert with happy birthday on it.
    Bet it tasted good, looked delicious. Her pink sweater was very pretty, Red heads always look good in pink it seems! One of my oldest and dearest friends is a beautiful redhead, and she is as beautiful inside as outside.
    Thanks for coming by hon, good to hear from you.
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. What a wonderful dinner. That restaurant sounds so great, Italian is my favorite food and the elegant house looked like a perfect atmosphere for a special celebration.
    The flowers in the bathroom were beautiful! Every true blogger knows to always be prepared for a special shot to share!!!

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