Five Minute Friday: Chance

Ah, vacation photos.  Or, these days, vacation videos:)  Earlier this week, my brother sent me a video of my nephew cliff jumping (read that – jumping off the side of a cliff) somewhere along the coast in Nice, France.  The video was a bit grainy and it was a tad wobbly but I totally got it.  He was cliff jumping.  In the south of France.  He had a once-in-a-lifetime chance – and he went for it!

My son, Jordan, will be leaving Anchorage in a little over a month.  There are a few things that he has yet to do before he leaves. Some experiences that he, no doubt, will not have the chance to do again outside of Alaska.  Lately, he has been wondering if he should spend the money (which is a valid consideration) but I am praying he will be able to do them.  When will he ever again have the opportunity to ride with Alaskan sled dogs?  Now is his chance – and I hope he will go for it.

I will never have the chance to ride in a dog sled.  And I do not see a visit to the French Riviera in my future.  However, doors of opportunity are always around me but how often do I miss them?  Or simply refuse to open them?  Many of the doors I encounter are not once-in-a-lifetime type opportunities but they have great potential nevertheless.  I think I miss some of them because I am simply too focused on my routine.  Going through the motions of an “ordinary” day and I don’t even notice a door of opportunity.

I must confess, however, that too often I pass by an opportunity because it pushes me out of my comfort zone.  Or I do not feel qualified.  Or I simply am not willing to take the risk.  As I, mentally, get more and more comfortable with this new decade of my life, I want to stop walking past the doors of opportunity I encounter – once-in-a-lifetime ones or just new doors.  There is no end of possibilities waiting for me….if I will simply take the chance!!

These are my thoughts today on the Five Minute Friday prompt of chance.  You can read others’ thoughts here.  I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and encouragement on Wednesday’s post.  The community here is such a blessing.  Here’s to a great weekend ahead.  I know so many are affected by the extreme heat of late.  Keep cool and stay safe.

14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Chance

  1. I join with you, Jennifer, in the desire to see the opportunities for new experiences and choose to take the chance for a new adventure. ~Lisa, FMF #7

  2. Hi sweet friend. Had never thought that I, too, will probably never enjoy an Alaskan sled ride. Oh, how I would enjoy it. But I have ridden down a hill on a sled. And raised lots of Husky puppies!! I have jumped off a cliff into water…albeit not a high one. And not in Nice but in Panama. But I have been to Nice.

    I long for routine and can never seem to get much of it. Every single day seems to bring something that throws a wrench in the works. And while I like stepping out of my comfort zone now and then, I prefer not doing so to help a loved one manage a mental health crisis, or to handle some other calamity.

    I used to write a stepping out of my comfort zone monthly blog post. Maybe I should revive it. Even to just share the kinds of crazy that are pushing me to be strong and resilient and flexible.

    Big hugs!!

    1. Leslie, I had no idea about your comfort zone monthly posts. I would love to read those – and, yes, you should consider reviving them!:) And you jumped off a cliff!? You go girl….and you are much braver than I!! So glad you stopped by. Hope your weekend is peace-filled!

  3. My wife had once took a trip
    to the wilds of far Alaska,
    but, my friend, I’m far too hip,
    and I won’t go there ‘less I hasta.
    She slept in a pickup truck,
    washed in streams so fresh and cold,
    counted on God’s grace (and luck!)
    to make it back; boy, was she bold!
    Me, I like the tropic lands
    like, say, Key West, beneath the sun
    where the waiter gladly hands
    me one more tall glass of good rum,
    and I guess this proves the fact
    that opposites, they do attract.

  4. Missing door of opportunity for various reasons – that really resonates with me. For years I have resisted my lovely husband’s attempts to talk me into going skiing with him – why on earth would I want to hurtle (uncontrolled) down a slippery, steep, cold slope where I’m guaranteed to fall over and hurt myself? So what are we doing next year for our holiday? At the age of *cough, cough* sixty-something, I’m finally going to go skiing with him (well, he’ll be skiing, I’ll be having lessons on the baby slopes), and all because he’s said he’ll go horse riding with me! We’re conquering fears together!
    Just stopped by from FMF #12

    1. Way to go! I love that you are both compromising and conquering fears together. Skiing would be a lot more interesting to me if it were not for the snow. Snow means cold…and neither of those really say vacation to me!! LOL. Have the bestest time!!

  5. I am so bad at letting opportunity pass me by as well.. usually because of that feeling of fear and trepidation but I have been consciously trying to push myself out of my comfort zone more and more and embrace saying yes. It’s so hard though and there are some things I am a firm NO for– like skydiving which my mother in law is tackling in just a few weeks. I’m so glad she’s excited but I just know that is one experience I am fine with missing out on.

  6. I can really relate to this post! It’s all too easy to think ‘oh that would be a good thing to do’ but the effort seems too much. I guess we should try to push ourselves as much as we encourage other people new opportunities!

    1. Yes, we do Deb. Push ourselves…. Glad you stopped by. Hope you are enjoying a cooler week this week!!

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