When It’s More Than Messy Hair

The struggle is real.  This morning, apparently, the struggle was real for me to get this post up.  Sigh.  Some days, it is simply a “bad hair day” but whatever the struggle, we probably can all relate in some way.  Usually, when we hear (or use) the phrase, we just want to verbally express that inward “sigh” – or perhaps the inward “grrr” – that is sooo frustrating us.  Challenges that are not necessarily that serious…but are still so aggravating.   Yes, some challenges are more complex.  To be sure.  But, the truth is, we daily face struggles and some of the hardest are the internal ones – the battle within. That internal struggle is real, friends.

God’s word says, “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  This was Jesus’ response to the disciples who had fallen asleep while He prayed in the garden.  There was some measure of rebuke there but I also think Christ was acknowledging that the battle exists.  The battle between our desire to serve Him and to love Him with all our hearts – to give our lives for Him – and the reality that our flesh fails.  Our flesh gets weary, gives in and so often disappoints.

That reality does not make us bad people.  It simply reminds us that we are human and that we need the Holy Spirit’s help.  He can enable us to overcome.  However we might need strength today – to fight our flesh, to control the emotions that defeat us, or to withstand the lure and temptations of this world – He is able to sustain us.

Yes, the struggle is real.  But the victory is just as real – and secure!  Live in victory today.  Keep struggles in perspective.  A bad hair day is simply a bad hair day.  But when the struggle is much deeper, remember we already have all we need to live victoriously!

6 thoughts on “When It’s More Than Messy Hair

  1. I’m thankful when the battle is real, Jennifer, then the victory is also real. I appreciate your encouragement to allow ourselves to be sustained by Him while we take steps to victory.

  2. Jennifer, so good to be reminded to keep the struggles in perspective. I’m grateful He is always with us and will give us His strength when we are weak and have no strength.

  3. I needed to read this today! I wrote a post on Tuesday where I’m talking about struggles…this was basically what I was saying, but you said it much more eloquently. Thank you for putting Scripture and thought into what you wrote…like I said, I needed to hear this! I call times like this being in a “slump” or a “rut”, but it’s much more than that. Great word today, my friend!

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