Five Minute Friday: Coffee

Coffee.  Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt and the topic of today’s post.   My “take” on coffee before I begin the weekly writing challenge.  Yes, I drink coffee.  Do I particularly like coffee?  No.  I went many decades without any coffee but I drink it today for the same reason I first start drinking it.  The sociability.  Just as the British “put the kettle on” for basically every social situation, coffee so often offers a connection.  With my husband in the morning.  With groups of ladies at church events.  Or with a friend who simply needs to talk.  Coffee breaks down barriers and somehow lets us relax and enjoy being together.

GO – I never really appreciated how much I enjoyed those simple connections – whether in a group or just one on one – until they were so difficult (if not impossible) to make happen.  I truly took for granted the simple “let’s have coffee soon” until pandemic restrictions made that next to impossible.  Even after we began getting out again, coffee was strictly a grab-and-go commodity.  Yes, I could get coffee but I was not able to linger or enjoy the company.  I remembered that “Let’s have coffee” was much more about making the time to sit – to talk and to connect – than it was the hot coffee with two creams and a little stevia.  Or even the fancy flavored latte.

There has been a lot more coffee – and times for coffee – in recent weeks and months.  Add it to the top of my gratitude list.  Not the coffee, per se.  Yes, I’m thankful for more reminders of “normal” but even more, I am so grateful to be enjoying simple pleasures.  Those “coffee moments” that begin my day as I linger over God’s word or that I enjoy while a friend chatters and laughs.  They really are blessings.  And I am grateful.

18 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Coffee

  1. Yes, I am also grateful that the fellowship in the high-street and church community have almost returned to pre-pandemic days.
    I hope I never take them for granted again!

  2. I definitely missed having coffee with friends when we first went on lock-down. Sure, we could talk over zoom and see each other but it is just not the same. 😞

  3. I like drinking coffee,
    but to me it is not dear.
    I would really rather see
    a nice bottle of beer,
    the kind they serve in biker bars,
    the kind you can’t resist
    just before you’re seeing stars
    from some scooter’s fist.
    The you get up off the floor
    (this may take awhile),
    and ‘stead of heading for the door
    you just nod and smile
    and pick up a stout pool cue
    for a friendly howdy-do.

  4. I am not a coffee drinker, but I do love tea, and I can enjoy a cup of tea while you (or others) have their coffee. It’s the fellowship that matters most, and yes, we did truly miss it while not able to mingle. And now it seems like we are slow to get back to what we once had before. People are just more into themselves and not so much into close fellowship. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I need to extend the invitation. Thank you for this lovely post. It would be so nice to meet you for coffee/tea some day! Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

  5. I really don’t have friends near me that I can get together with and do lunch, or coffee. It’s really hard. However, I am thankful for the friends that I do have and the weekly chats we have on the phone. It’s definitely better than nothing 😉 And, I could drink coffee while chatting, LOL.

    1. One of the blessings of all this technology – being able to stay connected (in real-time) with friends and family that aren’t next door!!

  6. I don’t care for coffee (but I love the smell- it reminds me of home in the morning) either. It is wonderful that you drink it mainly as a way for connection when getting together with friends, spending time with your husband, etc. Do you drink tea at all? I like many kinds of tea and even feel a bit like a character out of a 19th century Bronte novel when I drink it out of a pretty cup ;). The pandemic definitely made us realize how much we take *seemingly* very little things for granted like getting together with friends.

    1. Oh, I love tea! I can drink ice tea unsweetened no problem…but I seem to struggle with hot tea that does not have honey or some type of sweetener – which I am trying to avoid. Sigh.

  7. I’m not a huge coffee person either. According to my coffee-snob husband, I drink dirty milk. Yep, I put about 1/4 cup of milk in any cup of coffee that I have. My husband actually roasts his own coffee. He buys raw (green) coffee beans, and roasts them every Sunday afternoon, just enough for the upcoming week. He gets up before I do and makes his own coffee. I then just pour water over his already-used grounds and then add lots of milk. Pretty weak coffee in his mind.
    Like you, I enjoy getting together with friends for coffee (flavored lattes!), but now that I am babysitting Audrey 3 days a week, my coffee dates will be fewer.

    Hope your weekend is off to a great start.

  8. I’m also grateful for the conversations and connections made over a cup of coffee. I missed hanging out at the coffee shop regularly while we were dealing with a lockdown and was so glad to have a couple of close friends with whom I could have creative coffee breaks – it helped us cope!

    Visiting (late!) from FMF#22

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