Doing, Cooking, and Giving Thanks: March 2022

And, just like that…we are about to turn another calendar page!  One-fourth of 2022 already in the history books.  One minute that seems impossible but, I will admit, there are a few days (weeks) that I think, “Is it still March?”  Especially when winter wants to hang on so tightly!!  Three days ago, we had snow showers and then almost an inch of sleet that gathered on our lawn.  The poor spring blossoms.  They were so happy just a few days before (and so was I!!)  Oh, the weather is a fickle thing, to be sure.  But the turning of those calendar pages?  Well, that is dependable and regular as ever!  I’m a day or two early – but let me be the first to say, “Welcome April!!  Please come in.  I am so ready for you!!”  Before the month is completely gone, I have time to document things – a little doing, a little cooking, and, of course, always something for which to give thanks.

DOING.   The last few weeks, I have (almost) obsessively been reading, studying, watching videos, and somewhat overthinking everything I can about keto.  Ketones, Ketosis, Carbs vs. Net Carbs.  And the list continues.  The science – which typically is only marginally above math in terms of interesting to me – behind this lifestyle or way of eating has been fascinating for me.  I know more about MCTs, macros and electrolytes than I could have imagined.  And, yes, after (far too much) resistance, I finally jumped in with both feet.  I realize “saying no to bread” (and keto is much more than that!) might not be for everyone…..and that’s fine.  But for the sake of this post, it has pretty much what I have been doing and what has consumed my thoughts (and free time) in March.  If, by chance, you do enjoy keto, I would love to hear about your experience – and especially any of your favorite recipes.  I have made some delicious dinners but I’ve just scratched the surface with all the yummy recipes out there.  I have also been eating breakfast again.  Ah breakfast, I have missed you!!

COOKING.  Did I mention that I have been trying new keto recipes?  You can be sure this blog will not become a keto forum but the new dishes have been (90%) successful and tasty.  It has been fun just trying new things.  I do cook separately for my husband but that has not been a problem.  And I enjoy baking every once in a while.  I usually make something sweet when we have a fellowship at church.  Last weekend, I made a chocolate trifle (basically layers of devil’s food cake, caramel sauce and cool whip!) which was a huge hit.  So easy but I always come home with an empty bowl.  Earlier in the month, I made this chocolate chip cake for our ladies’ fellowship.  Again, only brought home the crumbs.  I mentioned cooking separately for my husband.  He is a man who enjoys his sweets:)  And he is so easy to please.  Last night, I made him some Jello pudding.  From the little square box.  With (leftover) Coolwhip on the top.  He was such a happy camper!!:)

GIVING THANKS.  I’m grateful for my family (especially my husband) who support me as I try new things….and make major changes.  Everyone needs at least a small cheerleading section on the sidelines – and I’m grateful for mine.  I’m thankful a friend asked me to help her plan and prepare a bridal shower for her daughter.  I really enjoy doing that and it has been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity.  We had a great time brainstorming and sharing ideas over dinner!  My husband and I have been invited to three weddings this summer!  Remember when gathering for special events was a big no-no?  Yea, me neither.  Hooray for celebrating life together again!  I’m especially thankful for the friendships that I have made through blogging.  I also enjoy the connections but this month, in particular, they have been especially nice!

I noticed on February’s post for doing, cooking and giving thanks, that I ended with a comment about winter.  Good grief.  No more complaints or snide comments about winter (at least for six or seven months!).  It’s all sunshine and warm breezes from here.  We have several family birthdays in the weeks ahead and, of course, my fun trip/girls’ getaway that I have mentioned more than once or twice here on the blog.  Be prepared to hear about it again.  I do look forward to April.  And birthdays!  Oh, and this little guy….is one month already and just keeps getting cuter.  Here’s to a beautiful month full of blessings ahead.

4 thoughts on “Doing, Cooking, and Giving Thanks: March 2022

  1. Oh, is that your grandbaby? What a blessing!! I haven’t held a new baby in SO long. I don’t even know anyone locally who is expecting a baby. I just miss those sweet baby smells and feels and precious moments so much. Oh, and to be planning a bridal shower? How lovely! Haven’t done that since my son and his wife got married almost 5 years ago now. That was so much fun, welcoming a new ‘daughter’ into our family, and she has proven to be a wonderful gift to us all in every way. But they are both already in late 40’s, well, my son is now 50, so no babies for them. But they have two delightful pups that are our grandpups. God is good. I hope your KETO diet goes well for you. I don’t know much about it, but I applaud those who are going the extra mile to do this. I’m just not into diets much even though it probably wouldn’t hurt if I was…LOL. Have a blessed and wonderful rest of your week.

  2. My daughter has been doing keto since January and has lost 30 lbs and she loves it. I need to do something, but haven’t started yet. I’ll be checking in to see how it’s going and some of your recipes. She’s made some good stuff too.

  3. Will be interested to follow along on your keto journey. My oldest daughter did it and immediately lost about 10 pounds but then got too comfortable, I think. She ate keto without doing the calculations – that whole ketosis stuff (that is waaaaay over my head) – and before long, she had gained the weight back. Wishing you luck on it. I need to just get my behind back to tracking on Weight Watchers. And exercising. We have been eating like teenagers.

    You absolutely need to get to North Carolina to meet Owen Tyler and hold him tight. What a darling baby. What a special tribute to your sweet son.

  4. Good luck on the new lifestyle! Changing eating habits can be so hard to keep up. I wouldn’t mind reading about some of your favorite new meals. I don’t “do” Keto but I find that many keto options are low in WW points as well (or easily modified to be). Yay for all the weddings and the shower planning; I bet that was so fun. I haven’t been to any sort of shower in ages… but I would bet that in our family the next generation will be starting the round of weddings and baby showers somewhat soon as many of the cousins kids are just wrapping up college.

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