Five Minute Friday: Easy

Happy Friday and time for another Five Minute Friday.  Writing for five minutes – without overthinking – about a given prompt.  And today’s prompt is: easy.  (Oh, that should be easy!  Not really.  I just couldn’t resist).

GO – Truthfully, though, don’t we enjoy easy?  We are bombarded with messages that the struggle is real.  Adulting is hard.  Life is hard.  Everything is so hard and the implication is that there must be an easier way.  We crave the easier way.  We want easy.  And, I suppose, some things are easy. ( Making excuses seems to be very easy.)  I also am not trying to be overly dramatic, but the truth is much of what is beneficial, what is needful or even essential, and most of what is really important in life is not easy.  Is not learned or appreciated through ease.

I think of exercise.  Why?  I’m not sure other than I really (really!) do not enjoy exercise but I know its value.  I have been trying to create an exercise habit.  Still working on that resolve to exercise in 2022.  I want to reach a healthy weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It takes discipline.  It takes commitment – long haul commitment – and is not achieved and/or maintained with easy, quick-fix solutions.  Being disciplined is not easy.  Saying no to sugar is not always easy.  Walking another flight of stairs or doing one more plank is not easy.  Or fun.

But diet and exercise are just one example.  In much the same way, sticking to my Bible reading plan, having a grateful attitude, or being a woman of prayer is not always easy.  Nor is taking a stand.  Resisting peer pressure or any number of society’s pressures isn’t easy.  Speaking up isn’t easy.  Keeping my mouth shut (when necessary) is not easy either.  Taking up your cross for Christ, following Him, and living by faith is not always easy.  But we were never promised easy.  The truth is….. most often, it takes struggle in order to grow.  In order for us to benefit.  In order for us not only to see a difference but also to make a difference.  Yes, it takes struggle.  The struggle is real and we would be wise to appreciate it.

STOP – I hope, even today, I can actually thank Him for the struggles.  There will always be struggles.  And there will always be His faithfulness as I go through them.

17 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Easy

  1. I kinda like the easy way,
    the slide into a haze of beer
    just at sunup every day,
    but the Lord does not, I fear.
    He pushes and cajoles and prods
    and digs like a persistent mole,
    which I suppose just might be God’s
    way to save my wayward soul,
    and thus I do get up, complain
    (hey, outside it looks like NIGHT!),
    place electrodes on my brain,
    and force myself to try to write
    about the fact I understand
    that I hold blessings in my hand.

    1. Morning Andrew – glad you stopped by today. Hope you have a good one…as well as a good weekend ahead! He is persistent, isn’t He??:)

  2. I think about all the way that once onerous household chores have become easier- clothes washing, meal prep and clean up, etc. and am grateful for the conveniences that render those chores less onerous. But maybe some of it has gotten us into the mode of thinking that ease should be everywhere. Like, why can’t I push a button to start the, “increase my metabolism” or “gain Biblical wisdom” cycle? I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the subject- it’s a really good prompt. Have a great weekend, Jennifer!

    1. We are, indeed, a blessed (if not a spoiled) generation! Always glad when you stop by, Maria! Hope your weekend is a good one!

  3. I think that’s true – so much of what is worthwhile in life involves persevering when it’s not easy. It’s encouraging to know that God can use our struggles to work good even though they’re difficult at the time.

  4. Very good post. Yes life is not easy. And most of what you listed are things I struggle with too. Even now, I’m telling myself after this comment to get up and go take my walk. So, I’m heading out now. Have a great weekend.

  5. Yes, anything worth doing is worth doing right and worth putting forth the effort. I am still struggling to get back into a healthy exercise routine as well and it’s not easy. However, I am also choosing to celebrate small successes, because something is better than nothing (nothing is easy, LOL).

  6. I so needed to hear this today, Jennifer. Thanks for pointing out that not only are we not promised easy, but that not having it easy is good for us. “Yes, it takes struggle. The struggle is real and we would be wise to appreciate it.” I will choose to appreciate the struggles. Thanks for sharing. Your FMF neighbour at #3 this week.

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