Frozen Falls

These pictures were sent to my husband. They are supposedly Niagara Falls completely frozen over! Honestly, I have no idea if they are the real deal (I’m sorta doubting it) but as crazy as my mind is getting from feeling “stuck” in this house…I’ll believe just about anything! Including thoughts like: all of this snow will never melt….we will never see the green grass again….if I don’t get out of the house, I’ll die….I’d give anything to live in Africa (the Carribbean, maybe, but Africa could be a stretch)….and, my personal favorite, if summer ever does get here, I will never complain about the weather again!!

I brain is going a bit stir crazy – so, today I am getting out of the house. Don’t know where exactly I am going, but I’m there:) ‘Cause you just never know…..Niagara Falls could freeze over – its CRAZY weather out there!! Keep warm, friends.

the caption says, “just how cold and how long was it that cold”…..Indeed!!!

So, I have been silly today – but isn’t that the coolest picture??

6 thoughts on “Frozen Falls

  1. How pretty is this?? Gorgeous! We are barely getting out of the 40's here too, (which I know probably seems hot to you) but is REALLY unusual. But the heat is STILL too much to think about for me. I'm ready for Spring, maybe, but summer, NO WAY!! haha Have a wonderful Valentine's week-end. Hugs, Debbie

  2. wow, those pictures are amazing. pretty cool if they are real. i'm sure stranger things have happened! Ella and I went out today for the first time since the two blizzards landed on us. It felt good!

  3. Those are really pretty!

    You've probably checked the church website by now, but the sweetheart fellowship is still going to be tomorrow night.

    Have a good afternoon. 🙂

  4. I honestly don't know where I would be without my husband. Probably frozen in a corner…
    And, hey, when you live in FL, 50 is coooooolllllddd. But I have a space heater and a heating pad.
    ;^ )
    love to you today,
    (Forever 5)

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