Some Little Things

Yes, this is a picture of my oatmeal scotchies – long gone! – that I could not upload the other day (the batteries died in the camera) but I like the little sign on my counter that I’ve set out for Valentine’s this week….

Love the little things in life
This week’s Thankful Thursday is “dedicated” to the little things in life….
** our gas fireplace – I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but we are so enjoying our fireplace…especially these past days when the winds are literally howling outside. We also get a kick of the dog laid out within inches of the screen..just soaking up the warmth.
**having Hubbie home during the day and not a list of errands to run (like a typical Saturday)..just enjoying being together and we have worked on a few projects around the house which are always more fun done together.
**getting caught up on filing and “paperwork”….all the pieces of paper that are slow to be put away…all neat and orderly – I love it.
**no problems with electricity – not all of my friends have been as fortunate. One girlfriend was without power and water (has a well) for three days…and, of course, her hubbie was stuck out of town when the airports all closed. She was burying refrigerator items in the yard under the snow to salvage what she could and she and her kids were melting snow on the edge of the wood stove in order to fill the toilet tanks so they could flush! I’m tellin’ ya – nothing on the pioneer woman! FYI – it takes about ten inches of snow to make one inch of water?!?!?
**my Keurig coffee maker – I’m really not a coffee connisseur but I drink it in order to enjoy all the yummy creamers, etc. that you can put in it:) Don’t really know a thing about brewing coffee but this Keuring makes a great cup every time – too easy.
**our ever faithful mailman…..if you could see the challenge it is to get to each mailbox!
**email (speaking of mail)…and opening mine and finding an email from Jordan – totally makes my day!!
Ah, well – I could go on but I’ll stop there for today. Enjoy a little thing today – this Thankful Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Some Little Things

  1. Amen Sweetie,
    I soooo agree with you, we sure do need to appreciate and be thankful for the lil things in life. What a great thankful list, really enjoyed reading it. Your poor friend burying things in the snow. Bless her sweet heart!! and no water on top of no electricity. She is sure a creative survivor!! Wow!
    Hope her hubby can get home soon,one of the other bloggers, you may know her too. Heather from family forever has had her husband gone for 2 weeks now, and he has been trying to get home since last thursday, and she has been alone with her daughter thru all these bad storms and she lives in Maryland. She lost power too and has had to shovel all that snow by herself. I really feel for all you snow bunnies!! and I sincerely mean that!
    Your lil Valentine sign is so cute, what a cute saying too.
    Blessings and have a great day
    and try to stay warm. Your cookies look awesome, not surprised they are long gone!! lol

  2. Love the list and the reminder to be thankful. Thank you for sharing the recipes in the previous posts, those are some definitely worth trying! Stay warm and keep that coffee going!

  3. Yes, I'm grateful for electricity! We lost ours yesterday but only for four hours. I remember a few years ago during a terrible ice storm we were without power for 5 days. It was awful. And it was my daughter's birthday. Hope your friend gets her power on soon!!

    Great list!

  4. I love my Keurig too! Plus, doesn't it feel good to get all those papers filed and put away? I am working on my papers now. Always something to do around here. Your answers were very similar to what I would have said. Enjoyed your list. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Jen! Having to melt snow to go to the bathroom? Now THAT is awful. Okay so I'm not going to complain at ALL for the next several days or months because wow, it's the little things, ya know? Having an operating toilet is well, ESSENTIAL! That poor woman! I would have left and gone to a hotel, seriously.

    LOVE the Valentines sign by the way! So cute! Is that the one you bought at HomeGoods? It's so cute!

    Love ya!


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