It was Sweet!

I went totally “crazy” yesterday and wore pink to church (among the sea of red!) and I actually had a girlfriend tease me about “falling for the Hallmark holiday” – you betcha! I love Valentine’s Day! She told me the tired line about not needing a day to tell her sweetheart she loves him…..neither do I, but what fun that there is such a day! A chance to do something silly, or fun (or even romantic) for the ones we love – and just because!…..I can think of a lot “worse” holidays. So, if this is a Hallmark invented holiday – thanks, Hallmark!

Hubbie and I had a wonderful day – and my sweet kiddos made me feel very loved as well. The flowers came with a beautiful card and were from all the kids (including my special guy in Heaven)…..

I made Hubbie meat and potatoes (definitely says “I love you” to him) and we exchanged gifts. He gave me that smaller pale pink cake stand on the table – love it! I wish those flutes came out better in the picture – they have red and pink Valentine wishes on them and are too cute. I forgot the sparkling juice but we toasted tea just as well – ha.

We finished the day off last night watching “Sense and Sensibility” on PBS! Can’t get that man to watch a “romantic” DVD to save my life – but he is a sucker for PBS dramas…and even Jane Austen! Too cute. I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with super sweet moments with all those that you love.

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  1. Amen Jennifer to your Valentines comment!! Thank you Hallmark!!
    I love Valentines day too!

    Who doesn't need a touch of whimsy in their life to break up the routine of everyday life!
    That is what makes life fun and exciting and I think the Lord goes
    Yeah!! that's great – Celebrate life and love!!

    We had a lovely relaxing day too.
    Since we had our Valentines day dinner on Thurs. nite with the kids and their sweeties, we got take out from Olive Garden for us.

    Since it was warm enough when we got out of Church we got our favorite…..a Chocolate Elvis.
    It is pretty filling, so we only
    ate one of our Chicken Marsala dishes so we can have a repeat tonight. I forgot our sparkling grapejuice, glad you reminded me.

    I am going right now and put it
    in my inside fridge so I will see it, and we can have it tonight with the rest of our Chicken Marsala. We'll just celebrate again……I am for dragging those
    celebrations out!! Hey why not!!

    We watched a movie too, we had seen it beforebut we really like it is called "Return to me". It is a pg rating but I think it might have a lil language, not sure exactly what, cause we have a tv guardian on our dvd player.
    It is a really sweet movie!

    Our Best Valentine Blessing was that my son's girlfriend came to
    church with him for the first time.
    Jim and I both were thrilled, I could hardly contain my joy, cause sometimes my joy is liquid, if you get my drift! She is a very sweet, loving and beautiful girl and we know she has church background but we have been concerned that she hasn't yet come with him. God is so faithful, but we need to keep on the prayers.

    I am so happy you had such a lovely Valentines day with your hubby and that your children made you feel so loved, that is a wonderful thing, and especially that they included Tyler. How Sweet!

    Well, You have a Sweet Day today too!!
    Blessing hon,

  2. Me Again,
    Forgot to say I Loved your Tulips
    and the table was sooooooo pretty.
    See you like white dishes too,
    What is not to love about white dishes!! lol
    Your lil cake stand is so adorable too, what a sweet treasure.

  3. Oh I love your table. I need to do something like that. We usually just give gifts to each other, nothing fancy, and of course the kids. But never set a pretty table. So I think I will start next year when hubby is home.

    How sweet of your kids with the tulips and the card. Very nice. And I love that cake plate. How thoughtful of your hubby!!!

    Beautiful ideas for me!!

  4. Sounds like you had a really nice Valentine's day..your table was sooo pretty and I LOVE tulips…and I am just totally with you I LOVE Valentine's day. Hope you had a busy day, I had crazy day, but good. Tired now for sure. Hugs, Debbie

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day! Love the table setting and the way you blessed your family.
    My husband is a meat and potato man also. For Valentine's day, I made an "elegant" dish – Beef Burgandy. He graciously ate it and kindly told me it wasn't his favorite dish. I asked what he didn't like and it wasn't flavorful enough. Then compared it to my homemade vegetable soup which he said was out of this world!! Doesn't take much to please a hearty eater. Have a great day!

  6. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for your comments on my blog about grandparents.

    What an opportunity you have as a grandmother!

    You have some beautiful pictures on your blog. Do you take these yourself?

    I'm still learning how this works!

    Blessings to you today,

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