God Provides and Teaches Me – Day by Day

On Tuesdays, I often try to link up with Mary Geisen.  Her blog is always such a blessing and her weekly link-up includes plenty of encouragement and practical wisdom from other bloggers as well.  Mary has a “monthly musings” post that I always enjoy – especially as she shares what God has been teaching her over the past weeks.  What a profitable exercise for all of us.  So often, I am more often musing on how fast the month went by…and, even more, looking forward to what the new month might hold.  I’m usually too quick to file a month away – forgetting that God had a specific plan for the month that just was…often with lessons to be learned.

God knows I learn best “bit by bit.”  Lessons taught day by day (often repeated) and week by week – which eventually lead to an “aha” moment.  When I actually see the big (or bigger) picture.  Much like learning anything.  How often am I more like a kindergartner how wants to read a novel before they have even learned their alphabet??

God’s blessings are often that way as well.  Given daily – just as we need them.  When Elijah came to the widow in I Kings 17 and asked that she “fear not” (verse 13) and make him a little cake first, she trusted.  Elijah told her if she would that God would bless and provide for her – for her son and for Elijah as well.  And, He did.  “And the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of the LORD, which he spake by Elijah.” (I Kings 17:16)

Just as He promised.  God provided.  Day by day. Just what she needed.  The cruse was not full and overflowing, nor were the provisions immediately poured out in bulk after she made that first cake for Elijah.  Rather, daily – as she needed it – God faithfully kept His word and blessed the widow.

I need to daily go to my barrel, so to speak, and accept God’s provision, goodness and blessing.  For that day.  Careful not to forget the lessons and blessings of yesterday and, as well, not constantly focusing on/wondering about future blessings.  The widow learned much during the days of famine..when her needs were being supplied day by day.  There were hard days ahead for the widow.  Harder than the famine.  But God was teaching and preparing her for those future days -even in the famine.

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  1. Oh yes… I can relate to this –on both sides! Learning day by day for the long haul, but also fighting the urge of impatience and wanting to hurry things up already! 😉 So glad we are neighbors!

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