What I Have is Just Enough

    “Just one more bite.” 

  “Just a little white lie.”      “Just a bit of fun.”

The list of “justs” is endless. A very easy way to deceive ourselves, to appease our conscience or to simply justify our actions. We can so quickly excuse the smaller things – like that extra cookie – that it becomes easy, and almost natural, to do the same with much graver things…such as sin. But God does not accept our “just”-ifactions and allow sin to be overlooked or made light of.

However, I do think there are some “justs” that Christ does accept. These came to mind with today’s Five Minute Friday prompt. I will try and put my thoughts together. In five minutes.

GO – The feeding of five thousand is a miracle well-known by any Bible reader. After preaching, healing and ministering to the huge crowd that had gathered, the disciples think the crowd should leave in order to get a meal. However, Jesus tells the disciples the crowd can stay and be fed there. He asks if there is any food? They answer Him, “just five loaves and two fishes.” (yes, my paraphrase). But what a miracle Jesus did with “just” those loaves and fishes!

The crowd was not fed because of the disciples’ great planning or even their faith – they were skeptics – but because a young boy was willing to step out from the crowd and willing to offer whatever he had. It didn’t matter if it seemed small – or if he seemed to small – but he had the heart to offer it to Jesus.

Whatever I might have to offer Christ – talent, treasure, or otherwise – is, no doubt small and woefully inadequate to meet great needs; however, I only need to be willing. Willing to step out from the crowd. Willing to live boldly. Willing to sacrifice – to give without holding back for myself. It is then that Jesus can do more than I can imagine with “just” what I offer.

When I read the prompt, the hymn “Only A Sinner” immediately began in my heart. There is also the popular southern gospel song, “Sinner Saved by Grace” that expresses similar thoughts. I had a friend once tell me how she was offended by these lyrics (I’m not sure if it was the song or the older hymn that she really did not like) but, in her mind, the idea of “just a sinner” cheapened what salvation meant to her. I tend to disagree. Indeed, much has been gifted to me since I became a Christian but there is wisdom in remembering that whoever I am, whatever I have to offer or whatever might be done with my little loaves and fishes is all because of Christ. It is not me or about me. I’m just a sinner saved by grace.

STOP – Here are some good lyrics to take with you today!

Naught have I gotten but what I received; Grace hath bestowed it since I have believed. Boasting excluded, pride I abase; I’m only a sinner saved by grace!

Only a sinner saved by grace! Only a sinner saved by grace! This is my story, to God be the glory, I’m only a sinner saved by grace!

10 thoughts on “What I Have is Just Enough

    1. Aha – now you are going to be singing it for days:) (that is what always happens to me!!) Have a great weekend!

  1. Jennifer what a great post! The thing that stood out most to me was that the boy offered what he had, even though, in itself, his offering couldn’t feed even a fraction of the crowd. All God asks of us is to give Him what we have and to trust Him to do what He knows is best with our offering. We truly are nothing and have nothing of value to offer Him. But, when our hearts desire to please Him, to honor Him? He takes our meager offering and does amazing things.

    See? You got me thinking. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Glad you stopped by, Jeanne! We really do have nothing of value to offer – but what a display of grace to know He will use our little if we will just offer it.

  2. I love the loaves and fishes story. It says so much about Jesus’ love and compassion, and about how he can make a feast out of the smallest, simplest offering. The disciples didn’t see the potential and possibility; all they saw was a logistical nightmare. But Jesus saw things differently — and made something out of “just” a tiny bit of food. It’s inspiring! Thanks for sharing; I enjoyed your post. And thanks for visiting my place earlier today, too.

    1. Logistical nightmare – I like that! How often do I see the overwhelming logistics of a situation…and miss what God is able to do through it??! (I’m learning, though!)

  3. Great thoughts, Jennifer! I love your slant on the word prompt. It’s our perceived inadequacies and sense of soul poverty that so often trip us up, and can prevent us from giving ourselves willingly to all God asks of us. Although our lack is no match for His fullness and all-sufficiency. Thankfully, God calls, redeems, restores and justifies our “just me” souls and makes them into His overflowing grace and blessings reservoirs that pour out to others. Blessed by my visit here! 😊

    1. Joy, thanks for stopping by and so glad you were blessed today! I am always amazed not only that His grace is given so “full to overflowing”…but that He would use us to pour out that grace to others. You are so right about that!

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