God’s Been Good

I know I just recently shared some lyrics but I wanted to share some more once again. I love music. And I love when music – either instrumental or with lyrics – really connects with your soul. I suppose there are some days (…or weeks or entire phases!) in life where music is the best way to not only express yourself but to understand your own heart.

Last night at the seniors’ banquet, all of the graduating seniors sang this song – God’s Been Good. This is just part of the song (second verse, I think) and the chorus. They – the teens -were beautiful, the song was beautiful and the words are precious. It was a sweet evening – bittersweet – but a sweet evening, indeed.

Times replay and I can see that I’ve cried some bitter tears
But I felt His arms around me, as I faced my greatest fears
You see I’ve had more gains than losses
and I’ve known more joy than hurt
As His grace rolled down upon me undeserved
God’s been good in my life
I feel blessed beyond measure when I go to sleep each night
And though I’ve had my share of hard times,
I wouldn’t change them if I could
‘Cause through it all, God’s been good.

6 thoughts on “God’s Been Good

  1. Hi Jen! I haven't been to any blogs in a week or so but tonight wanted to make sure I made time for my favorite blog…yours! 🙂

    I didn't realize that all of Tyler's buddies were graduating this week. I seriously can't BELIEVE how time flies! Oh my goodness that's just crazy to me.

    I'm so glad you're going though and being a part of it all. I'm sure Morgan and all of Tyler's friends will really love on you and make the whole thing extra special. I truly wish I could be there to experience it all with you.

    I LOVE graduation ceremonies…don't know why…but they just seem so exciting and promising to me. All of these young kids getting ready to embark on the world…so challenging, inspiring, encouraging! I just want to jump up and give them all a pat on the back and a hug and tell them they are all going to do just fine 🙂 That's what I did when I taught at Oak Ridge High school anyway 🙂

    You'll have to be SURE to bring your camera for Friday night, hee-hee 🙂 Take LOTS of pictures and then put a few of Morgan and Tyler's friends on here. I have been wanting to catch a glimpse of the ones I remember and haven't in ages it seems!

    Love you Jen! I hope this week is full of smiles, laughter and LOVE.

    Can't WAIT to see you in a few weeks!!



  2. I love the words to that song that you shared. It is so special at this time for you! And to share this time with all of Tyler's friends must be a very precious time for you, but very bittersweet, as well. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love your new blog page. So cute! Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Those lyrics are very touching. I've been praying for you as you go through this time with Tyler's friends. You are an amazing mom and a dear and steadfast to God's love for us.

    God is good.


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