Good Buddies, Great Friends

Remember the party – for Tyler’s 13th birthday – I mentioned on Monday….and all of his buddies who are graduating?? Just had to share a quick picture. All of these guys have really grown (for some…literally!! The guy in the burgundy t-shirt is 6’7″ now!) into handsome young men! I am so excited for all of them!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Morgan, Tyler, Sam, Brandon and Xavier!!

10 thoughts on “Good Buddies, Great Friends

  1. Good Morning Jennifer…I love this pic of your boy and his buddies. I love that you are still friends with them all. I have a few of my boys friends who call my husband and I "mom and dad" to this day they spent soo much time at our house when they were all growing up. It's funny now to see them as grown adults with kids of their own. Whereever does the time go. If I get the chance I will post a little later today. I am feeling lots better physcially, but I have a feeling this day of waiting will be long. Thanks for all the prayers and support. HUGS, Debbie

  2. Love the picture. It was a beautiful act of grace for you to stay involved in their lives and attend the special graduation activities with them. I'm sure that your family, faith and love has impacted each of these young men and will continue to as you keep them in your heart and prayers.

  3. Great picture of good friends. Glad to know that you are still celebrating with them.

    We are facing graduation this weekend too. I'm sure I'll blog about it. 🙂

  4. What a great picture of Tyler and his friends. You should get a picture of them together when they graduate. It is so neat that you are still so close to these young men. Tyler will be with all of you all in spirit as you celebrate with these wonderful young men when they graduate. Thanks for sharing this picture with us. Love & blessings from NC!

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