God’s Word is Quick – Alive and Active

Hello Friday!  And (finally) another chance to join the Five Minute Friday linkup.  I enjoy these short writing challenges from a one-word prompt.  You can read all the posts here….for today’s prompt of ACTION.

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword…”  Heb. 4:12a

With my Bible, I have the very word of God.  It is alive and relevant.  It is fresh each and every time I read it.  It is profitable – in more ways than I can list in this short post – and I’m blessed beyond measure to have the gift of God’s word.

It is not only full of truth and instruction but also filled with His promises.  But my heart – like all of our hearts – is easily deceived.  I am prone to unbelief and fail to trust His promises.  As well, my heart is (too) easily deceived and hardened by sin.  And so I need an active word of God.  One that is able to penetrate to the bottom of my heart. One that will uncover sin, unbelief and expose lies that I have believed. Only then do I recognize sin’s subtle working and see the lies I have begun to embrace.

At times, this can be painful.  No doubt.  But what a blessing!  The deceitfulness of sin is a topic for a book – or volume of books – but certainly more than five minutes of a blog post.  My encouragement today is the truth we can escape sin’s deceit.  Our hearts can stay tender to God’s truth and promises…if we will allow God’s word to be active.  To be powerful and sharp.  And to be effective.

4 thoughts on “God’s Word is Quick – Alive and Active

  1. Hi Jennifer!

    What a delightful encouragement today. Thank you so much for sharing this truth with us. I find that often times, it begins with one tiny seed that I failed to pluck out and cast away. When I am diligent to take every thought captive, I am much better off in my day.

    I will come back to read with you again soon.

    Sarah (A fellow FMF Gal!)

    1. Sarah,

      I am so glad you made your way to my blog. Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. I look forward to visiting your blog:)

  2. The world’s gone so far off the rails,
    and where should I begin?
    Perhaps the bad, and what it entails
    came from ditching sin.
    The Bible’s quite specific
    about what’s right and wrong,
    but sin’s now thought terrific,
    for “how can love be wrong?”
    How, I don’t hold with prejudice,
    but the judging has been done,
    and staying in sin as kind of bliss
    forces out the Son.
    If we want to offer God our praise,
    we can’t ignore what He says.

  3. Good words here, Jennifer! And I’m so glad you’re writing with FMF! I miss being a weekly part of the community over there, and I look forward to getting back into it.

    I’m so thankful for God’s word. It is truly living, active, and powerful. It’s a double-edged sword dividing truth from lies and helping me to see how much I need Him and His word. 🙂

    And I’m thankful for His promises. They offer such hope, especially in the dark seasons.

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