Revival Begins With Me

October is not quite “in all her glory” but she is certainly showing herself:)  These past few weeks have been oh so lovely – and apparently beautiful days pull me away from the computer.  It has been two weeks since I posted…but I am loving all the fun that autumn offers.  Orchards, pumpkin goodness, corn mazes, weekends away and lots of sweater weather!!  Awww – October!

I have also been enjoying these mornings in October – even more than I already love mornings!  The sun is coming up later and the house is cozy.  My morning coffee just seems to be more enjoyable – and there has been extra time for my devotions, in God’s word, most mornings.  This time at the very beginning of each day is essential and really sets the tone for the entire day.  And these last few weeks have been extra precious.

No doubt, some of that is a result of revival.  The beginning of October coincided with our fall revival at church.  I grew up having revival meetings at church – typically one in the spring and a fall revival as well.  And revival always lasted a full week.  That was perfectly “normal” to me.  Revivals are not nearly as “common” these days and they certainly do not last for seven days.  Most of the revivals I know about now run for 3-4 days….and our fall revival was no different.  We had special services each evening – Sunday through Wednesday.  It was such a profitable week – for my family, for our church and for me, personally.

One definition of revival I read described revival as “a time of repentance and reuniting with God” or, simply “when God touches a community of the faithful.”  I would say that “community” could be as large as my city, as specific as my church, or as personal as my home…and could even apply to me individually.  Our country, our churches, our homes are all so in need of revival.  A fresh touch from God and a time of real repentance and reuniting with Him.  And I prayed for all of these things – but more than anything, I need revival.  We sang a song each evening about revival, the desire for it and the reminder “let it begin in me.”

I believe God blessed and answered many of those prayers.  But revival – that sense of reuniting with God, or walking in sweet fellowship with Him – can be quickly lost.  Probably not intentionally but gradually and without even realizing it (much like two weeks passing before I even notice that I have not been blogging – lame comparison but the same concept) but it happens, unless we are intentional.  The same prayers, preparation, attitude and attention that I had leading up to our special meetings have to continue.  Regularly praying for revival and then anticipating it.  Looking for anything that might hinder fellowship – and confessing it.  Remaining humble. Daily in God’s word and being still in order to hear Him speak to me.  All of it necessary for the spirit of revival to continue in me.

And only then can I ask for revival in my family.  My church.  My community or this country.  As the hymn writer prayed, “Dear Lord, send a revival.  And let it begin in me.”

2 thoughts on “Revival Begins With Me

  1. I love the morning autumn sunshine also. He does shine His light on such specific areas in our heart, doesn’t He? Yrs, I pray along with you, let that revival begin in me.

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