So Glad I Don’t Commute

THANKFUL THURSDAY….but first a prayer request. My friend, Nellie, that I mentioned on Monday after celebrating her birthday on Sunday is in ICU with several health issues. Her husband is also very frail and quite dependent on her at home. There are so many needs for these two dear saints – please lift them up in prayer when you think of it.

I am also thankful this Thursday…

* my latest – and last – round of maintenance treatments for my lymphoma is almost complete. The third one in this round was yesterday so that means the last treatment will be next Wednesday. I am thankful that I seem to tolerate these treatments very well – no side effects – and they appear to be effective, as I feel terrific. I am thankful for all the advances that have been made in cancer treatments as well as a wonderful doctor…and the staff that work with me each week.

Also, while I am tethered to an IV pole:), I have several hours to myself – to read devotionals, to catch up on phone calls, and an out-of-town girlfriend and I take an hour and do a Bible study together. I am thankful for that time she and I have together.

** for my hubbie’s job. He loves his job and that by itself is enough reason to rejoice. I also love that he works from home, basically sets his own schedule which allows him to work around the worst times of traffic. He does not have to commute which is such a tremendous blessing. Many of our friends – and thousands of others I don’t know – spend HOURS each day just getting to and from work…driving themselves, catching the bus or metro, or the always-crazy-to-me slugging! (Please tell me…does anyone else in the country SLUG to work?!?!) As I sat in traffic yesterday on the way to the doctor, I was grateful than neither of us has to do that on a daily basis. I was also gone yesterday from 7:00 until 9:30 last night and I am so grateful that is not an everyday thing for me either.

Since Hubbie makes his own appointments, he was able to schedule lunch with me yesterday, which was extra nice since I was gone all day. It was just an extra treat to be able to spend an hour or so together in the afternoon. I am thankful, today, for those “little things.”

** for a few more of those “little things”
– my puppy’s unconditional love…and his cute new haircut:)
– hearing from a girlfriend last night that I haven’t seen in way too long
– homemade soap made my former neighbor – I love that stuff!
– a garage
– my new table from the antique store (it was still there!)
– blooming hydrangeas – yes, mine actually bloomed and that’s a first
– wandering around Crate and Barrel….just for fun
– cell phones – I’m not addicted but they sure are convenient

and for the excitement of the end of the school year! It has been quite awhile since I was involved with end of the year cupcakes and parties…but this time of year is just exciting and energizing! Hooray for all my little friends, and my nephews, who are finishing another year…and hooray for their mommy’s being on summer schedules:)

6 thoughts on “So Glad I Don’t Commute

  1. Hey Jennifer,

    Great list of thanks – both the big things and the little things.

    And, so sorry to hear you have been sick. I don't think I caught that until today. Praying for your treatments to go well and the discomfort to be minimal!

    Thanks for being such a bright spot in my life! I am thankful for you and your positive attitude!

    Blessings to you today,

  2. Good morning Jennifer…how I love your posts! Let's see now if I can remember all I want to say…first YAY to being almost finished with your treatments and even more YAYS that you don't have side effects and that it is working soo effectivily. God is good. And then, how nice your hubby works from home. How I would LOVE that. My poor hubby heads into LA every day and is one of those poor unfortunates who spends hours communting as a result. Don't know what "slugging" is, but doesn't sound good, haha…I too love to remember the little things that make us smile. There are always soo many. Thank you for your prayers. I feel calm this morning (so far anyway) and I am pretty sure I will find out when I go for my ultra sound at 10:45 at the radiologists. I really would have preferred hearing whatever the news is from my own doc., but guess knowing one way or another is all that matters right now. Wish we could hit Crate and Barrel together and then have a nice lunch and chat for a while. Hey, a girl can dream right? Have a wonderful day my friend…HUGS, Debbie

  3. Wonderful list that flows from a thankful heart. Rejoicing with you over so many blessings. I didn't know either that you were taking treatments. Glad to hear that they went well and you were able to spend some time being still and enjoying friends and time with the Lord.
    Will be in prayer for your dear friends.
    The traffic where we live is not bad at all and I also am truly thankful to not have to deal with that on a daily basis.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my post, I dont/can't swing a bat that actually hits the ball, so I also just cheer from the sidelines. I am the one with her face into the fence with a camera!! Have a great day!

  4. I'm sorry to hear of your health problems but happy to know you are tolerating the treatment well.
    Love reading your list of things to be thankful for. We are blessed!

  5. So glad you are feeling well. My job is 2 min from my house, so I am thankful, too for a short drive. And my hydrangeas are blooming, too. The one in the front is blue, grown from a cutting from my hubby's grandfather's bush. J has rooted cuttings from ours and they are pink. I know it has to do with the acidity of the soil, but it still seems like a miracle to me!!! 🙂

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    What a great list of thankfuls hon!!
    that is neat your hubby works from home too. Mine was just 2 days a week, course, now it is full time,
    just not the same work!!
    yardwork and Housework now!! lol
    Sorry to hear about your friend Nellie. I will have no trouble remembering to pray for her or remembering her name!! lol
    Hope she is doing better by now.
    Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments on
    last Thursday blog I think it was.
    You are such a sweetie.
    Have a great evening hon,
    Blessings Galore, Nellie

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