The end of another month – and one of my favorites.  I always hate to see October end but a look back over the month is always a good reminder of so many good times these past few weeks.  Here is my October, in review, by the numbers:)

TWO – the number of  “field trips” I had to local orchards and pumpkin patches!  There aren’t just for kids:)  Actually, my first trip was with my senior friends from the Tribute.  We did not pick apples but we certainly did enjoy apple donuts, apple cider, apple dumplings.  You get the idea.  Apparently, priorities definitely shift as we age.  Forget the harvesting – go straight for the reward!!

FIVE – the number of pumpkins on my porch.  Along with mums and pansies – and even a few scarecrows.  Again, all the cuteness still makes us “old folks” smile!

TWO – the number of said pumpkins that have already expired.  Sigh.  There must be a secret, or hack:), to making them last longer!

FOUR – the number of Bible study lessons this month.  Studying Heaven with a (new to me) group of ladies.  I love Bible studies and I am so enjoying this one….and this group!  If  I sincerely want to be more heavenly and spiritually minded….well, certainly I must learn more, know more and yearn more for this eternal home of mine!

ZERO – the number of minutes remaining on the clock during our escape room adventure.  That’s right…we lost.  Such a bummer and not just a little stressful either.  We tried a super hard room and I think moderately hard is much better.  I enjoy a challenge but it should still be fun.  Just my opinion.  We still had a great time celebrating our daughter’s birthday.  Um, this fun evening may or may not have also included donuts.  District Donuts in Georgetown.  Oh, and gelato later on.  Oh my!!

THIRTY – that’s right.  I said it, Em.  Most beautiful daughter of mine…who wants to live in denial.

NINE – at least.  The number of pumpkin bars my husband devoured and enjoyed after I made a huge batch for a staff luncheon this month.  The recipe was so easy – and, obviously, quite delicious!  Have you made anything pumpkin this month??:)

SIX – the number of nice lunch “dates” with different this month.  Seriously!?!  I love to meet my
friends and stay in touch and, apparently, I love to do so over lunch!  The conversation is wonderful…but oh so many extra calories.  Side note:  one goal of mine is to have more of these afternoons with friends at my house.  Inviting people in.  Doing a much better job of hospitality.  There.  I put it out there – in writing.

THREE – when this is posted, the number of days that we will have enjoyed in Germany and Austria.  Yes, we are planning to visit this castle – Cinderella’s castle!!  I hope to have pictures on my Instagram.  You can find it on the sidebar.  Take a look!!

With such a fun start to the new month – maybe I am looking forward to November just as much as October!!

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