Stop Going With the Flow

To a great extent, our lives are made up – perhaps even determined – by the choices we make.  Certainly there are things that we have no control over but, even then, we can choose how to respond and how to react.  Most things, however, do come with choice and, if that is true, I want to choose wisely.  To regularly and consistently be making the right choice.  I have a well-established routine and comfort zone and it is easy – especially in this season of life I enjoy – to simply drift in my day to day flow.  But I need to be purposeful in the reactions I have and the decisions I make every day.  This requires living in the moment.

GO – Living in the moment, I suppose, can most easily be defined as living in the present.  Our past is full of good and bad.  Good choices and regrettable choices.  Good decisions and poor decisions.  Even good, or great, memories and some we would rather forget.  They all work together to define us and shape our lives.  But we cannot live off of past choices.  Today deserves – even requires – its own choices.  In the same way, the choices we make today cannot be solely determined by hopes or plans for the future.  Making a choice for today simply in hopes of manipulating tomorrow is a risky plan, to be sure.

Determining to live in the moment requires us to slow down.  To not only take notice of the simple moments but also to enjoy them.  To let them impact us….body, soul and spirit.  As well, it might require us to re-evaluate our priorities.  If there never is a slow moment to simply “be” – much less to enjoy our life – a change is probably needed.  Living in the moment also requires gratitude.  Grateful for today’s goodness and not just yesterday’s blessings.  Gratitude leads to contentment which is also crucial.  Be aware of whatever might drain your contentment.  If you cannot eliminate it, at least control it.

One final thought on living in the moment.  Each of us has the choice to do so.  My comfort zone, or regular flow, might not be as hectic or demanding as another’s.  It might not be as slow either.  That is not the point.  None of us benefits from simply going with the routine.  Accomplishing all that we can on our own – in our own strength.  Clicking every box on our to-do list and getting to the end of another day, but having no idea how we got there or what choices we made throughout the day.  Even if it was a “good day”…we get the credit rather than God getting the glory.  Whatever your season of life, or whatever circumstance you might be in…..we all need to live in the moment.

These are my thoughts on today’s Five Minute Friday prompt:  MOMENT.  I will miss next week’s link-up since I will be on vacation.  There will be a Friday post, however, as well as my regular Tuesday post….and, hopefully, plenty of pictures on my Instagram.  I hope you will enjoy!!

One thought on “Stop Going With the Flow

  1. Wise words, Susan. I was particularly struck by this: "Today deserves – even requires – its own choices." Past behaviour, choices and pain can cast a dark pall over this day. Thankfully, God gives us a new day to begin again and to live as overcomers. Being mindful and living in the moment helps us to appreciate how vital those choices are. Bless you for this inspiring word. Blessed to be your neighbour at the #FMF link up! 🙂

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