Good Monday Morning 08.28.23

Happy Monday…and hello to a brand new week.  This Monday morning finds me without a huge schedule, so far, for the week.  Lots of time to do the things I enjoy – and the weatherman is promising a week of gorgeous days in order to enjoy all those little things!  Sounds pretty perfect to me.  I look forward to seeing how this week plays out.  Looking back at the weekend, I thought I would recap things from a slightly different angle.  Just for fun, here are three things I would change about my weekend.

ONE – the weather.  It was incredibly hot and humid this past weekend.  It should not be like that this late in the summer.  Everyone is talking about fall.  The stores are full of cute pumpkin and scarecrow décor, and I even spotted the grocery display of all things pumpkin spice!  But yet, it is still very much summer.  I not quite ready for my tights and cozy sweaters but I really do hope the weatherman is right about some more seasonably appropriate weather this week.

TWO – my Sunday afternoon nap.  Do you enjoy naps?  I really do not.  Truthfully.  And I  do not nap any other day of the week.  But something about Sunday afternoons just signal my brain that I must nap.  I was convinced this was the week of no more “wasted” Sunday afternoons.  But, I failed.  Took an extra long nap even!?  I will admit, it felt wonderful but I am always irritated with myself afterwards.  I feel so unproductive and as if I have wasted an entire afternoon. Such a conundrum. Sigh.

THREE – Mexican food.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy a tasty burrito as much as the next girl.  And, of course the chips and salsa.  Oh, the chips and salsa!!  But I just do not need burritos or (not or but AND) bowls of chips with salsa every weekend.  (Or do I??)  We love our new local Mexican place.  We might love it too much.  Saturday evenings just seem to find us there.  This is not a habit that can continue long-term.  But I make no promises that it will stop this Saturday.  It really is that good!

Like I said, just for fun:)  Here’s to a wonderful Monday.  I hope you will come back on Wednesday.  I plan to share this month’s highlighted photo – a monthly “edition” that I really enjoy.  See you then –

18 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 08.28.23

  1. I love a nap on Sundays and I don’t feel the least guilty…Even God rested on the 7th day. We do it most Sundays, but this Sunday’s nap was only about 15-20 minutes. I just couldn’t sleep any longer. But I did feel really rested when I got up. I agree with you on the fall…I do like the cooler weather that’s predicted and I actually put a sweatshirt when I went out to walk this morning…but I’m not ready for all the fall decorations quite yet. I’d rather enjoy the cooler summer days a bit longer. Hope you have a great day!

  2. I loved the way you wrote this post, my friend! And I am a napper, I have to say! I also love good Mexican food! I do not, however, like hot and humid weather. So I am with you on that! It is overcast and cooler in Pennsylvania today. I am enjoying it! Have a cozy evening!

  3. If you had an extra long nap, your body obviously needed that sleep so no need to regret that! I don’t know why we are programmed to think we have to be doing something all the time but we are all the same! No hot and humid weather here, although it did stay dry which is a huge bonus.

    1. You are probably right. I may have really needed that nap….but, yes, it is hard not to be doing something:) Be thankful for that no humidity!! And for dry weather:)

  4. I rarely nap either and when I do it’s usually a Sunday afternoon too; I don’t feel bad about the wasted time but naps often leave me groggy for the rest of the day and I hate that feeling so I try really hard not to nap.

  5. I like the look of your blog! Also, I hate taking naps too. I’ve never been a nap person, except on long drives. And about the Mexican food…it sounds like a perfectly good Saturday night tradition! Why mess up a good thing? 😉

  6. I love naps but don’t get one very often and if I try it’s usually a fail but Sundays are days I definitely feel extra tired. I hope you have a great week ahead!!

  7. Good late Tuesday evening. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I was just reading your testimony…what a beautiful story (yes, sad…but I so can relate–and before both of us start crying, I will stop there, smiles). I have added you to my reading list. smiles

    1. Linda, so glad you stopped by…and took the time to comment! I look forward to visiting your blog again soon! Happy Wednesday:)

  8. I live in the land of chips and salsa. No matter the restaurant, it seems patrons are greeted with both as they sit down at the table. Love some guacamole with those chips, too.

    We have finally had rain…up to 3″ for the YEAR. Which is 5″ less than this time last year. My yard looks so brown and my favorite tree, our Mexican Elder, is struggling to survive. Hope the rain will save everything. I haven’t mowed but once since mid July. Just terrible. We have had a miserably hot summer.

    Hope you can enjoy doing whatever makes you happiest this week. PC is going out of town next week and I hope to sleep late and stay up late doing things like decorating for fall, painting and reading.

    1. Hooray for finally getting some rain! Three inches – from nothing to inches!! Oh do enjoy your “free week”!!:) I imagine it must be difficult to decorate for fall there in Texas?!

  9. I just don’t do naps…don’t know why! Hubby takes one every day.
    We love chips and salsa too…yes, indulge on Sundays! Life is too darn short!

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