Good Monday Morning 10.2.23

Happy Monday…and welcome to a new month!  I think it’s a month everyone has been looking forward and, in many ways, has already embraced.  It seemed like the pool umbrellas and other paraphernalia were barely put away before everyone was sipping pumpkin spice lattes and filling their porches with pumpkins.  Bring on all the cozy autumn feels!  As cozy as it can be with the ac still running and temperatures in the 80s.  September is supposed to be a nice month for transition but we sorta skipped any transitioning and ran straight into fall.  Or autumn:)  Luckily, October is here and, hopefully, all those scarecrows and mum on the porch will start to look a little more in season.

I can joke because my porch is still very much in transition.  Right now, it is bare…and rather uninviting.  Hopefully, it will look a bit more festive – and October(ish) – soon.  Maybe a trip to the pumpkin patch will happen this week.  We will see.  All that to say, I am happy to welcome in October!!

We had a nice weekend.  A final weekend for the month and the last of our September celebrations.  It was our daughter’s birthday.  As she requested, the “celebration” was quite low-key this year.  We did stick some candles in some of our favorite bundt cakes and blew the obnoxious birthday horns – ha.  Scared the dog to death!  But we had fun.  And, just to commemorate another year, here are three things about Em (the cutest little red-head peanut who made me a mom):

* she is not a quitter….not easily defeated.  This year has not been an easy one for her, but despite challenges, she keeps pushing.  Gets back up and determines to try again, move froward and find a new way.  She may or may not always see it that way (and some days can be very discouraging) but the truth is, she finds a way to persevere.  And it is admirable.

* she is smart.  I am constantly impressed at her knowledge and skills – so many of which she has taught herself.

* she is an animal lover.  Through and through. And one of the best dog mamas ever!  I love that about her.  Her grandfather was the same way.  Her great-grandmother was the same.  It comes naturally, I suppose.  But not from me:)  But it truly is such a genuine part of who she is!

I could go on but that would embarrass her….although I’m fairly certain she rarely (if ever) reads this blog.  But, just for the record….I think she is pretty amazing and I am oh so proud to be her mom!

6 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 10.2.23

  1. Good luck with your porch! My little stoop still has the remnants of summer flowers so I really need to think about how I want to make it fall instead of dead summer, lol. Happy birthday to your daughter! It is kind of strange (/not cool) to brag too much about one´s kids on a blog or social media. On the other hand, we´re moms so how can we not on occasion, when the occasion is warranted give shouts/ brag a bit about our kids? I think a birthday tribute is just the occasion!

    1. My porch is still looking bare. We did remove dead summer:) but have not made much progress since then! It is still so warm here (NOT that I am complaining about that!!)

  2. Hello, my friend! Yes, fall is here. And if October goes as quickly as September did, I may start putting up my Christmas decor!!! Happy Birthday to your girl. She sounds lovely. And I love a good Bundt cake!

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