Good Monday Morning 8.29.22

Happy Monday friends!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  I apologize for being a bit behind in responding to comments and/or visiting blogs.  I have not been on the computer this weekend but I am looking forward to catching up this afternoon.  I look forward to seeing how everyone is enjoying these last days of August.  A bit of an odd time:  mentally, it seems like it should be fall but, reality hits and, it definitely still feels like summer!  That said, here are some things I learned this past weekend:
1 – it is still summer!  It has been hot lately.  Normally the grass would be mowed this weekend, but it is parched.  Brown as cardboard.  We need rain.  And, I am officially over my summer clothes. I can’t count how many times I whined, “I can’t find anything to wear” this past weekend.  Sigh.
2 – Southern gospel music just makes my heart happy.  And makes me want to sing:)  Three girlfriends and I went to a concert this weekend.  The Tribute Quartet.  Goodness, I had fun…and had to bite my lip more than once in order not to stop myself from singing out loud!!  There is a true performer just buried within me!!:)  We also had a great meal just before the show….which also makes my heart happy!  It was a happy night!
3 – my sanity depends on my keeping my hair short.  I have been trying (rather unsuccessfully) for the past 7 – 9 weeks to let my hair grow out a bit.  Every day I simply wanted to pull it all out!  FInally, I had a proper haircut this weekend.  So much better.  I cannot risk wasting any bit of sanity I have trying to fix my hair.  It is going to stay short.
4 – I am bad at golf.  As in, really bad.  We played Top Golf this weekend.  Well, three out of the six of us played golf.  The other three?  I’m not sure what it would be called – but it wasn’t golf.  Not sure if my attempted swings were entertaining, embarrassing, or just plain annoying?  Whichever – it was tons of fun (truthfully) but quite sad.
5 – fried onion straws, apparently, take any dish to a new level.  I do like them (really) but Matchbox is super serious about their onion straws.  A plate of three sliders came with at least four cups of the garnish.  Maybe you had to be there, but it was rather funny!!
6 – my brother is the best (the best!) gift opener.  You could give him a refrigerator magnet from your last vacation and he would, genuinely, make you feel as if it was the best gift he’s received in years!  He is a lot of fun.  I, on the other hand, need to take some lessons….and seriously need to work on my gift-opening skills. I try but, after this weekend, I know I have a long way to go!
7 – time with family and friends plus a few great meals equals a great weekend!!  My Monday is starting off with scripture assembly at church but, this afternoon, I am looking for some introverted recharging.  Aka, time to myself!!:)  Hope your Monday is off to a great start!!

7 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 8.29.22

  1. What a fun weekend! I love that you love gospel music. I love that kind of music as well, most of the time. We actually know a family who has their own gospel band that is amazing! You should check out Endless Highway on YouTube. Their daughter Ally is an amazing singer. You should also check out HighRoad- their song Christ My Hope, My Glory is one of my favorite songs they sing. They’re also on YouTube and Jason Crabb sings that with them on the video. They were our musical guests at our holiday women’s event last year! It was incredible. Check those out and let me know what you think!

    As for your hair, I am all about doing whatever you feel best with regarding that. I’ve also learned that I have to live with what I like best, not what others think I should do. I have people in my life who are always quick to let me know they think my hair is too big or too whatever…but I stick with it, because it’s the style that I think looks best. Such conundrums, this whole hair battle. I need a haircut really bad all of a sudden. I looked in the mirror last night and thought to myself how terrible it looks. Like TERRIBLE. I haven’t had a trim since January, so it’s time. Ha! Have a great day, my friend!

  2. Your weekend sounds so nice! Great get togethers and going to that concert with friends sounds amazing. I’m glad you got a haircut which makes hair styling easier for you. My hairstyle has been the same for years and years. The only thing that deviates is the color based on how long I go in between highlights. Keeping my hair same style the same takes away so much guess work out of what to do with my hair. Because I always do the same thing with it, lol. It is, indeed, still summer. It’s like summer does not want to go without hot reminders of its presence. We are still getting rain showers periodically and the grass looks really good. The hot weather is good for my tomato plants so I am trying to look at it positively. I hope you have a great, hopefully cooler Monday!

    1. If I am going to stick it out with this length and cut…I really want to play with the color!! But I color my own hair and making a “big” change sounds risky!!:)

  3. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for stopping my my small little blog in this big blogging community, it’s always fun to meet good women! I just read your testimony, and can I just tell you, it touched me deeply. I love to hear others stories and learn about their walk with, God. It was truly very touching.
    I love Southern Gospel music as well! I live in Idaho, so I am a long was from, Southern Gospel, but it just makes my heart happy! I am also in the process of growing out my hair…it’s hard! It’s finally at a manageable length, but it seems like it took forever to get there. I am a bad golfer, my husband is the golfer ;0) Family is the best and I thank, Heavenly Father for them everyday. I really enjoyed my visit with you today! Hugs, Barb

    1. Thank you, Barb….for stopping by and especially for your very kind comment. I am humbled and blessed that you were touched by my testimony. Surely that is why I blog. Oh, and to meet wonderful, Christian women around the nation…and the world!!

  4. OH yes, I am starting to get so sick of my summer clothes too! Our lawn died a good month ago due to lack of water and yet weirdly our beach is completely covered in bright green weeds. I don’t understand how weeds grow so well in drought like conditions. I feel like if the rest of my yard is going to look awful at least I shouldn’t have to spend time weeding!

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