Happy Friday and welcome to the August edition of Share Four Somethings – and on time this month.  Last month I was totally confused with the whole five Saturdays in a month thing.  Hard to believe another month has come and gone and summer feels like it is over.  Sure, it is still 90 degrees every day but waking up to school buses running up and down our street (the buses start incredibly early….not like when I was a kid) and it just feels like summer is done.  I was just discussing seasons with someone yesterday and, while I like my fall clothes so much more than my summer ones…and I really like the fall colors, autumn is not my favorite.  For the simple fact, it means winter is coming.  Ugh.  I really must learn to live in and enjoy the moment better!!  But enough chatter, let me get into the four somethings for this month’s installment!  As always, you can check out the whole link-up here.
Something Loved
Some of August’s highlights:  We attended two weddings this month.  Both were so unique which I think is always fun.  I love seeing how brides personalize their special days.  We were able to enjoy one reception with friends that we have not seen in several years.  It was a great evening.  I attended not one – but two – birthday celebrations for the senior friend I mentioned last month.  She turned 93 which definitely qualifies you for having multiple celebrations. We also celebrated my brother’s birthday.  We will twice, come to think of it.  I mentioned it here but we are also celebrating again tomorrow night – now that Jordan is home and can join us.  And, let’s be honest, Jordan’s returning home has been the real highlight of August.  Just last night, we had dinner together on the patio and just talked about everything and about nothing.  Jordan enjoys talking….and enjoys listening to me talk as well.  It works out well.  My husband (almost) always prefers listening over talking.  So he is happy too.
Something Gleaned
Through the summer, I have been teaching a series of lessons in my Junior Church class entitled Boats of the Bible.  I almost think I have been enjoying these lessons more than the children!  Many of the lessons are very familiar stories (think Jonah and Noah) and I have spent extra time planning in order to make it enjoyable for the children.  In the process, I have really been blessed and gained so much myself.
Last week, we were studying Peter’s boat filled with fish one morning after Jesus’ resurrection.  And after his huge failure and disappointment – denying Jesus.  But Jesus personally sought Peter out and wanted to not only forgive Peter but wanted to restore fellowship.  He went out to give Peter direction, a renewed ministry, and a fresh purpose.  Jesus was not done with Peter!.  The kids may not have fully appreciated the beauty of that truth – but I sure did!  I was humbled, amazed, and excited!!  God offers us a second chance.  Often more.  I am so grateful for His grace and His abundant mercy!
Something Saved
I like this part of the link-up.  I don’t take a ton of photos (and what I do take, I often delete right away) but I am surprised when I start scrolling to see what I actually saved on my phone during the last few weeks.  There are photos to an excess of paint colors, paint chips, and beautifully painted rooms in colors I think are lovely.  Quite honestly, they are all very much the same.  Obviously, I know what I like but I have not been able to find that perfect match in reality.  How many trips to Home Depot does it take to find and “aha – that’s it!” paint color?  Really, I don’t want to know.
I also have a few reminders of a special day we spent together at the beginning of the month.  I’m glad I saved a few shots from that day.  We finished that day at a local market not far from our house.  It is super cute with lots of unique food items as well as local produce, and homemade ice cream!  We need to go there again!
And, I also saved (not just a few) photos of my brother’s cute dog (that he was dogsitting for the month) that we watched for a few days.  She was a sweet girl but has not gone home to her mommy…..all the way to California!!

Something Achieved
Well, my goodness – what did I achieve? I did finish a bathroom refresh (small remodel) of the guest bath before Jordan arrived.  I like it so much better.  There is a rather substantial hole in the wall (covered by a picture) where I removed the medicine cabinet.  I think those builder-installed medicine cabinets with the mirrored door are just gross.  I try to remove them immediately but this one had been around way too long.  Probably because it is a guest bath.  Fortunately, the painter is coming in three weeks and he will fix said hole.  Unfortunately…..the painter is coming in three weeks!!  I must pick a color!!
I would love to hear about something you have gleaned this month.  Or maybe just share a highlight from the last few weeks.  I always enjoy your comments and look forward to visiting each of your blogs!  Have a great weekend!

18 Replies to “Share Four Somethings: August 2022”

  1. I cannot believe how fast August has gone by!! Sounds like you had a great month! Boats of the Bible – never thought of all the interesting stories tied to boats – what a great topic!! Wish I was taking your class! I really do!!

    1. One more boat lesson – next week and we will be done. It has been a lot of fun. I, too, wish you could join us!!

  2. You’ve had some great celebrations and it sounds like you have at least one more coming up. I’m sure you’re soaking up spending time with Jordan. Regarding medicine cabinets… we were (kind of still are) considering doing a pretty large bathroom remodel. We are thinking of tearing down a wall to make the shower bigger but it’s the wall where the medicine cabinet is that my husband uses. He was lamenting that he didn’t know what he’d do without it. I was like, “We’d find somewhere else for your stuff!” He seemed pretty upset to have to give it up which surprised me. I didn’t think he was that attached to it ;). Room refreshes are fun to do every once in a while. I’m glad you like your new space. Have a great weekend!

    1. That’s funny. Attached to your medicine cabinet. Or maybe it’s to the system (aka, the way we’ve always done it!) But you just never know what means a lot to you – until you talk about tearing it out!! Ha:)

  3. It sounds like a wonderful month of celebrations! Rejoicing with you in wonderful memory making moments, Jennifer! Your boat class sounds so interesting, I would really like to slip into the back of the room and listen. 🙂 I hope you find your paint color soon! And may your remodel go well.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I would love for you to slip in the back of the class. And I would quickly put you to work!!:) Glad you stopped by this weekend!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful month of celebrating new beginnings and life! It’s hard to believe the month is practically over. Not sure where time is going but trying so hard to enjoy the seasons we are in (not just the weather seasons 😉 ). Have a great September!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I’m looking forward to September. We have several family celebrations in September…so it is always a fun month!

  5. Ok Jennifer, I’m out of breath here. Your month makes mine look totatly boring! I’m a sucker for flowers and animals so loved your your somethings saved! And I’m all in for a bathroom refresh…if only I can get my husband onboard. But then he did do our window replacement so I can’t complain….easy does it.

    1. Those refreshers do come a little at a time, don’t they?? OK, replacing windows is a big refresher!:) Thanks for stopping by, Donna!

  6. Oh yes, August just flew right by! So glad Jason made it home safe and sound and I am sure it was wonderful to sit together and talk in person again. I hope your September is an equally wonderful.

  7. Good luck finding the perfect color for your bathroom. One color I love is Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. They say it’s green, but it looks light blue everywhere I’ve seen it in the wild. I also like Sherwin Williams Contented, which is a soft green.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Megan. I’m actually headed to SW today…so, perfect timing!! Much appreciated!

  8. Good luck picking the paint color, Jennifer. I always end up with dozens of paint chips and several actual samples before I can make a final selection! Sounds like you had a packed August. I can’t believe it’s almost fall either.

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